Alumnae Board

The Agnes Irwin School Alumnae Association has a rich history dating back to 1897, just 28 years after the school was founded. Today, it is led by the Alumnae Board. The Alumnae Board works as a partner with the school to enrich the cultural life of AIS, and fosters alumnae interaction and participation in the school community.

2023-2024 Alumnae Board

President: Andrea Lucas Schmerin '07
Vice President: Madeleine Katz Niemiec '03
Secretary: E. Jane Whelan '12
Treasurer: Pamela Brewer Smyth ’71


Campbell O. Crochiere '12

Jane M. Finkenstaedt ’14
Janet N. Gilmore ’96
Alexandra K. Greco ’07  
Wendy Chamblin Gunselman '69
Gail Evans Guthridge ’71

Tanisha S. Hospedale '10
Elspeth Fergusson Knighton ’04
Neely Burch Morandi ’09
Alexandra R. Pierce ’06
Nina Hutchinson Pruitt '87
Katherine Rieger Righi '08
Erica R. Shippen '99
Phoebe A. Somani ’15
Blythe C. Tarbox ’09

Sarah Coffin Westcott '01
Madelaine W. Whitehead ’10