Jennifer Creary '93

What did you do after graduating AIS?

I went to Syracuse University and majored in Business with a focus in Emerging Enterprises and Entrepreneurship. I'm still amazed that I made it through four winters there!

What are you doing now?

After graduating I came back to the area to work with my dad at the computer company he founded 30 years ago. In the past few years, I have taken over the computer portion of the company as we have now gotten into importing packaging machinery from China. Other than work, I love to travel.

Have you kept in touch with classmates and/or teachers?

I try to see classmates when I can, but keeping in touch has been much easier with Facebook. I do however spend time with alumnae from my sister's class of '97. Three years ago, when I was asked to join the AIS Alumnae Board, I gladly accepted. Since then, I have gotten to know and befriend other alums from many different years.

Is there anything from your AIS experience that has helped you personally or professionally?

I knew I was in a good place when I switched to AIS in the middle of seventh grade. I met girls with confidence and was around students that challenged each other everyday. AIS really made me a strong thinker, inspired me to pursue my goals and made college feel like a breeze. After going to numerous computer conferences I've noticed that I'm still in a very male-dominated field, but I never hesitate to speak up or voice my opinion.

What is your favorite memory of AIS?

There are way too many from our class trip to Williamsburg, hanging out in the lounges, SSP, and the year Bel Cantos toured Texas. Our class was great because we stuck together through good and bad times.

Who was your most memorable teacher?

There are two memorable teachers that come to mind. One would be Miss Bartuska, she made Biology and AP Bio extremely interesting. For my macabre teenage self, I loved that she would bring in trauma room slides and make popcorn for a small group of us to watch.

Second would be Mr. Frank. Third World History was the best with his extremely worn maps. Outside of the classroom he always had great energy. To this day I'm amazed by the amount of people and events that he remembers. It is always great running into him at AIS functions.

If you could tell students one thing about life at AIS or after what would it be?

At times AIS may seem super tough and challenging, but it’s all worth it. AIS truly gets you ready for the world and gives you the tools to deal with many different circumstances.

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