Athletic Hall of Fame

In 2004, The Agnes Irwin School established the Athletic Hall of Fame to celebrate and preserve our rich tradition and history of success in athletics. Through induction into the Hall of Fame, the school recognizes and honors members of the Agnes Irwin community who have made significant contributions to the athletic program. 

The first class of the AIS Athletic Hall of Fame - nine women - was inducted in 2005. The following year, an additional four athletes were recognized. Thereafter, the Athletic Hall of Fame would honor athletes every two years to coincide with the years when Agnes Irwin hosts the annual athletic competition with Episcopal Academy, known as AIS/EA Day, on our campus. 

Those eligible for the Athletic Hall of Fame include:

  • Past students, coaches or persons who have made outstanding contributions to Agnes Irwin’s athletic program
  • Any student-athlete who attended AIS for at least two years and graduated 10 or more years ago
  • Any student-athlete who participated in at least two seasons of sports at the Varsity level

Nominate a person for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame

Inductee Class of 2005

Anne Townsend ’16
Frances Elliott ’25
Betty Shellenberger ’39
Natalie Spahr Bush ’61
Anne Clement Monahan ’65
Garcia Wood ’74
Carter Mannion ’81
Alex Kahoe ’95
Agneta Powell, former coach

Inductee Class of 2006

Lynn Keebler Miner ’57
Lili Pew ’80
Anita McMullin ’81
Joan Keyser Salmon, former Athletic Director

Inductee Class of 2008

Grace Gilkyson ’32
Winkie Warren LaForce ’65
Stephanie Christie ’78
Francie Blynn Baxter ’79
Dana Hooper ’79
Kelly McBride Atkins ’83
Becky Gaffney Campbell '88 

Inductee Class of 2010

Dot Laskey, Director of Athletics, 1951-1967
Joan Berguido Staples ’51
Elenita Jackson Parker ’68
Wendy Chamberlin Gunselman ’69
Susan Knorr Gale ’71
Gail Evans Gutheridge ’71
Eve Bullitt Pierce ’72
Janet Aldrich Trimble ’83
Mary Beth Noel Todd ’95
The Inaugural AIS Varsity Squash Team. 1991-1995

Inductee Class of 2012

Lisa Dixon ’92
Ginny Spahr Heth ’66
Megan Boyle Flinn ’87
April Tellam Timmerman ’97
Jane White, Former Coach 1982-2000

Inductee Class of 2014

Noel Spahr Cappillo ‘92
Keeneh Gaffney Comizio ’85
Pamela V. Egan ’88
Suzy Pitman O’Kane ’62
Lynn Keyser Tierney ’78

Inductee Class of 2016

Erin Olivier Bacon '93 
Libby Berlacher Bush '00 
Sydney Brown Clarke '87 
Kirah Miles George '01 
Donna Schlingmann Heckscher '68 
Debbie Coonley Rand '90 
Mary Knox Tatnall '55

Inductee Class of 2018

Sarah Putnam Schroeder, Class of 1910
Anne Shirk Burrage, Class of 1911
Dawn Anthony, Coach
Elizabeth Worrell Gallagher '54
Kareema Levetter Gray '90
Natalie M. Jones '05
Devon Kennedy Nickel '95
Mary Elise Yarnall '76