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Sun, May 1
Reunion Weekend
Reunion Weekend 2022 for the classes ending in 2 and 7
The Celebration in honor of Edward "Wigs" D. Frank, II

The Celebration in honor of Edward “Wigs” D. Frank, II

US Play - "Juliet's Garden"
In Juliet's Garden is an all-female play written by Philadelphia-born playwright Judith Elliott McDonald. Juliet Capulet invites four other heroines of Shakespeare's classics (Katharina, Portia, Ophelia, and Desdemona) to lunch in her favorite garden in Verona to discuss issues they all have with their plots. All the ladies have suggestions on how these issues might be remedied. Shakespeare has also been invited, but instead sends an envoy, his literary agent and Editor Jacqueline de Boys, who attempts to save the day with the help of Juliet's Nurse. We have a cast of 8 US students who will take on these iconic roles and both crew and set design students will create the setting for this comedic piece.
Mon, May 2
Tue, May 3
Touring Tuesday - Preview of 9th Grade
Please join us for a special Touring Tuesday where you will hear from Sarah Leonard, Dean of Students, and current students about their transition into and their experience in the 9th Grade. Then, go on a tour of our campus led by a student tour guide. Advance registration is required.
Wed, May 4
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Touring Tuesday
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May Fair
Sat, May 21
Sun, May 22
Mon, May 23
Tue, May 24
New Family Picnic
New Families, please join us for our New Family Picnic on Tuesday, May 24th from 5 - 6:30 pm. Engage with administrators, your friendship families, and with each other. Picnic foods, beverages, and activities for kids will be provided.
Wed, May 25
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