150th Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chairs

Honorary Co-Chairs
Laura Thomas Buck ’49
Anne Fritchman Hamilton ’74

Wendy L. Hill, Head of School
Neveen H. Mahmoud ’07, 150th Production Manager
Ginny Sharp Williams ’88, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Pat McPherson ’53
Andi Lucas Schmerin ’07

Steering Commitee

Susan S. Burch
Andrew D. Connally
Brooke Norrett Corr ’95
Jennifer Keh Creary ’93
Julie Diana
Pamela Moyer Fernley ’70
Anne Dillon Fisher ’90
Taliba M. Foster ’88
Laura Wheeler Golding ’64
Jennifer Kinkead ’84
Elizabeth Moran Legnini ’76
Charlotte Dorrance Marshall ’05

Laura Buck Marshall ’74
Robert L. McNeil, III
Audrey Silverman Perkins ’80
Connie Anne Phillips ’83
Lindsey Wilkins Press ’01
Sally Schoettle Randolph ’58
Murray S. Savar
Erica R. Shippen ’99
Stacey Siles Solomon ’96
Ann Laupheimer Sonnenfeld ’77
Margaret P. Welsh
Sharon Yoh