13 Student-Athletes Commit to Play in College

Thirteen student-athletes in Agnes Irwin’s Class of 2020 have verbally committed to continuing to play their primary sport in college, representing 20% of the senior class.

“To be recruited requires a tremendous amount of commitment from an athlete and their family, strong academic performance and, most importantly, great character,” remarked Athletic Director Courtney Lubbe. “I am so proud of everything they have accomplished in their time here at Agnes Irwin. Our seniors are following in the footsteps of many Irwin's girls before them in pursuing their sport at the college level, and we can't wait to celebrate their commitments!”

Congratulations to our student-athletes!

Top Row (Left to right):

Natalie Pansini — Princeton University — Lacrosse

Peyton Bond — Dartmouth College — Crew

Rachel Mashek — Brown University — Squash

Eliza Pendergast — Hamilton College — Crew

Olivia Walsh — University of Virginia — Squash

Bottom row:

Katie Anderson — Franklin & Marshall College — Basketball

Kacy Hogarth — University of Maryland — Lacrosse

Cate Costin — George Washington University — Squash

Sarah McConnon — St. Francis University — Soccer

Katherine Glaser — Princeton University — Squash

Avery Niedland — Franklin & Marshall College — Field Hockey

Hadley Evans — Miami University — Field Hockey

Julianne Carey — Davidson College — Lacrosse

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