14 Seniors Inducted into 2019 Cum Laude Society

Fourteen Agnes Irwin seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society at a ceremony on Monday, April 29, representing students who have pursued the most rigorous coursework during their high school years.

The Agnes Irwin School's chapter of the Cum Laude Society honors students who have achieved excellence in the most rigorous course of study. The society permits school chapters to select up to 20 percent of the graduating class on the basis of superior scholarship. The selection is done by computing the level of performance and rigor of program and is determined by those computations without awareness of the students' identities; the names of those selected are kept anonymous until the induction ceremony.

Head of School Dr. Wendy Hill announced the new inductees at an Upper School assembly, during which Leslie Park ’92, a graduate of Yale University and the New York University School of Law, addressed students, families, and faculty and staff.

Ms. Park, who currently serves as general counsel for nongovernmental organization Rainforest Alliance and was a Cum Laude society inductee herself, encouraged students to discover and embrace who they are, as “that’s where all of your power is going to come from. … [Your] ability to choose, to decide what you’re gonna do with your life and how you make the best of it.” Her own career path led from a law degree and work at a large firm — an environment, she notes, that did not align with her personality and her goals — to her current role at Rainforest Alliance. She emphasized the importance of learning and trying new things in order to develop a well-rounded self, discover one’s passions, and find what path fits best, for “that’s where you will succeed, and that’s where you will bring the best of yourself and contribute the most.”

Dr. Hill congratulated the inductees and honored their dedication to their academic study, remarking that “we are a school that values intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, and the members of the Cum Laude Society and all of you evidence these traits — as we inquire, examine, communicate, reflect, create, and collaborate together.”

Agnes Irwin’s 2019 are: Lauren Avery, Grace Bartosh, Anne Curran, Lillian Flick, Annabel Gavin, Caroline Glaser, Lauren Karlson, Emily Kulp, Saguna Malhotra, Isabel Manning, Mary Grace Miller, Anne Sayen, Elizabeth Scott, Rachel Welch

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