2023 Class Night

2023 Class Night

2023 Class Night 

On June 6, the Upper School students, faculty, and staff gathered together for Class Night, a beloved school tradition that recognizes students in each grade for various achievements and honors. Joy Prince, Upper School Director, addressed the audience, remarking:

Students, we have a great deal to celebrate and to be thankful for. We also have room to grow in our community. I had the pleasure of attending both the fourth grade and eighth grade Moving Up Day ceremonies this week and my Division Director colleagues shared wonderful words of wisdom with their students. I’d like to quote the Lower School Director, Dr. Elizabeth Elizardi, who  shared with the fourth graders the following: 

"When confronted with a hard choice, like inviting someone new to your lunch table, or choosing to do the right thing on social media, choose good and remember to be helpful, not hurtful.  I hope you will think about being a good person with your words. Before you speak, think...is it kind, is it necessary, is it true?” 

These words resonated with me, and what is applicable to your fourth grade sisters also applies to you. My charge to you Upper School students is to be a friend and a sister. Be kind, be brave, be courageous. Stand up for what is good and what is right. Think about what it means to create connections, to come back from difficulties and ask yourself, can this place, these people, be the ones you can rely on and count on when things get hard? The answer is yes. Who is there for you on your worst and most challenging days? I hope you will be that person for someone else. We believe in you. You got this. You are the Portrait of an AIS Graduate, someone who is BRAVE, INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS, COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE, SELF-DIRECTED, GLOBALLY and COMMUNITY-MINDED and BALANCED. 

Each of you has contributed to this wonderful, beautiful school community. 

Awards and 2023 Recipients

Head of School Award    
Rosa Huffman '23

1915 Prize    
Katharine Lerch '23

1932 Prize    
Maeve Cox '24

1936 Prize    
Avery Thomas '23

White Blazer Award    
Lily Halpert '23

Agnes Dixon Rowland Art Prize    
Maya Messick '24 

Agnes Irwin School Choral Music Award    
Leila Rodriguez '23

Agnes Irwin School Theatre Prize    
Leila Rodriguez '23 

American Chemical Society - Philadelphia Section Award    
Iria Jackson '25

The Barbara P. Barnett Social Justice Prize - for French    
Yalana Clarke '24

The Barbara P. Barnett Social Justice Prize - for Spanish   
Sophia Jackson '24

Blue Belt Award   
Amy Walsh '24

Bradford Fogarty Award
Ella Graupner '23

Brandeis University Book Award    
Autumn Messner '24

Bryn Mawr College President's Book Award    
Alimah Jollah '24

Carolyn Stockton Brown Prize    
Chloe Spears '26

Carter Mannion Award - 10th grade    
Caroline Chisholm '25

Carter Mannion Award - 11th grade    
Ella Springer '24

Catherine Rieser Drama Award    
Alimah Jollah '24 

Dana Goldsborough Award    
Bonny Wang '23

Daphne Apostolidis Award    
Madigan Morrissey '23

Dorothy Haviland Nelson Latin Prize    
Samantha Pierce '25

Dorothy Sisson Smythe Award    
Maya Messick '24

The Edward Foote Gardner Award    
Orchie Hasan '24

Edward Stephen Sacks Prize for the Outstanding Senior in Classics - Latin    
Rosa Huffman '23

Eleanor Ross Cederstrom - Latin Award    
Alexis Roemer '24 (for Latin) 
Cookie Quirk '24 (for Greek) 

George R. Barnett, III History Prize    
Sophie St. Amand '24

Harvard University Prize of Philadelphia Book Award    
Orchie Hasan '24

Heather Thiermann Writing Prize    
Samantha Pierce '25

Honor Kilt Award - 11th grade    
Abby Ballinger '24

Honor Kilt Award - 12th grade    
Natalie Hofer '23

The Impulse Prize - Art    
Astrid Olshin '24

The Impulse Prize - Photography    
Emma Justi '24

The Impulse Prize - Writing    
Anais Suber ’23

Jeanne Clery Award    
Anais Suber '23

Jean Farley Award - for French    
Reagan Pagano '23

Jean Farley Award - for Spanish     
Clare Minnis '23

Joanne P. Hoffman Award    
Ava Heavenrich '23

Leadership by Example Award - 9th grade    
Ysabel Staton '26

Leadership by Example Award - 10th grade    
Grace Connelly '25

Lucy M. Knauer Modern Language Prize - for Chinese    
Orchie Hasan '24

Lucy M. Knauer Modern Language Prize - for French    
Chloe Walsh '24

Lucy M. Knauer Modern Language Prize - for Spanish    
Claire Lingle '24

Margot LeBoutillier Aldrich Award    
Katie Repp '23

Martha Goppelt Award    
Sophia Jackson '24

Media Arts Award    
Izzy Goldsmith '25

Photography Award
Ella Graupner '23

Priscilla MacNeal Fine Arts Award    
Ella Brown '23

R. Patricia Trickey Prize    
Sydney Chen '23

Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Medal Award    
Alexis Roemer '24

Robotics Recognition Award    
Avery Thomas '23

The Rudnicki Scholarship Award    
Sophia Jackson '24

Senior Athlete Award    
Maya Johnson '23

Smith College Book Award    
Abby Ballinger '24

Society of Women Engineers–Philadelphia Section–Certificate of Merit Program - for Highest Honors    
Abby Ballinger '24

Society of Women Engineers–Philadelphia Section–Certificate of Merit Program - for Honors    
Chloe Walsh '24

Society of Women Engineers–Philadelphia Section–Certificate of Merit Program - for High Honors    
Amelie Matuch '24

Sophy Dallas Irwin Prize    
Maya Eberlin '23

Stephanie Christie Athletic Award    
Kathryn Chang '23

University of Rochester and Xerox Corporation Award for Innovation and Information 
Caroline Quirk '24

University of Chicago Book Award    
Caroline Quirk '24

University of Pennsylvania Book Award    
Sophie St. Amand '24

University of Virginia's Jefferson Book Award    
Amelie Matuch '24

Williams College Book Award    
Alexis Roemer '24

Yale University Book Award    
Chloe Walsh '24

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