Agnes Irwin Recognizes Twenty-Six Fourth Graders at Lower School Moving Up Ceremony

Agnes Irwin Recognizes Twenty-Six Fourth Graders at Lower School Moving Up Ceremony

Agnes Irwin Recognizes Twenty-Six Fourth Graders at Lower School Moving Up Ceremony

Celebrations, farewells, and cherished traditions marked this morning's Lower School Moving Up Day. Our fourth graders, carrying bouquets of sunflowers, each received certificates to mark their successful completion of the LS program. Lower School Director Elizabeth Elizardi shared: 

"The color red is universally associated with intensity. It also represents passion, energy, and action.  How fitting that your Agnes Irwin class color is red. I will remember you, the Class of 2031, for your prolific proposal writing. Brave and courageous, many of you sent emails, powerpoints, or handwritten letters to me with requests for new courses in the Lower School, an alternative schedule that allowed for more voice and choice, and an alternative consideration for the fourth grade uniform cross-tie. Though I couldn’t always make a decision in your favor, you learned how to develop a persuasive argument supported by evidence and reasoning that appealed to my emotions.  

My wish for you as you leave the Lower School is that you remain resilient, optimistic, good people who are perfectly imperfect.  Though grades matter, who you are matters the most. Know that you have the willpower and the waypower to find a path every single day."

Rising fourth graders were then presented symbols of leadership by the graduating class:

  • Morgan Wyche '31 presented the symbol of Greeter and Announcements to rising fourth grader Sloane Willis.
  • Lilly Thumm '31 presented the Leadership Medal to rising fourth grader Harper Bennett.
  • Avnie Varma '31 presented the symbol of the flat to rising fourth grader Carlota Quinones.
  • Dawn Wellwood '31 presented the symbol of composting to rising fourth grader Molly Mundy.

The ceremony concluded with the awarding of certificates, complete with personalized reflections about each graduate, and the alma mater. 

Congratulations, Agnes Irwin Class of 2031 and families! 

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