A Q&A With the 2021-2022 Student Body President


For Chelsea Seegars '22, leadership is about listening and implementing the ideas of those around us. 

Chelsea, who has been involved with Student Government since Middle School and currently serves as a member of our Student Ambassador Leadership Team, was recently elected by her peers as the 2021-2022 Student Body President. For her, the power of collaboration is key to implementing positive change. 

What prompted you to run for Student Body President?

Chelsea: I have been a member of Student Government since Middle School, when I was the ecology representative in eighth grade. Ever since then, I have loved being a part of the behind-the-scenes planning for different events like Flag Football or the Hallway Competition. The decision to run for Student Body President was a culmination of years of dedication to Student Government. The ideas I presented were all ideas I heard drifting throughout Agnes Irwin hallways, and I felt like I was capable of implementing them into our community due to my prior experiences. I also received a slight push by classmates and faculty who believed in me and my aspirations.

Tell us about the academic and extracurricular achievements that you are most proud of.

Chelsea: I am a part of so many great organizations, like Black Student Union, the Center for the Advancement of Girls, and plenty of others. If I were to choose only one thing, I would most likely say it is being the vice president of Model United Nations. International relations has always been a passion of mine, and learning about the histories of different countries and how they affect our modern day world is fascinating. It is interesting to explore and emulate different countries' political beliefs and fundamental moral differences. Being a part of Model United Nations has made me see the world from different angles — which has helped me become a better member of our global world.

What are your favorite aspects of your education and life at AIS?

Chelsea: As I enter my final year at Agnes Irwin — and as cheesy as this answer may sound — my favorite aspect is the incredible community. There is nothing comparable to being a student at Agnes Irwin. Every day I get to enter a space where I am surrounded by people so passionate and driven. The goals Agnes Irwin students set are often executed because that’s the type of community that Agnes Irwin has created, and I think that is a beautiful thing. Furthermore, we are a group of amazing students and the environment we have made is collaborative but also motivating. I am inspired daily by someone else and their dreams and goals.

As you look ahead to your senior year and serving as student body president, what aspirations do you have for the school? For yourself as a leader?

Chelsea: Some of the goals I hope to achieve include an Upper School dodgeball event, working on our new schedule, and letting students express their opinions on Agnes Irwin as much as possible.

The Upper School Dodgeball Tournament is an event that would involve both teachers and students. Anyone can make a team as long as the team has six players, and then we will create a bracket similar to the March Madness Bracket. Then members of our community can "bet" on the team they think will win the tournament, and if they guess correctly, they can win a prize. All of the proceeds will then go to an organization that the student body will select.

My second idea is about making sure that student opinion is prioritized in our schedule next year. Ensuring that the schedule does not stress students out too much is very important, because a stressful one can affect the Upper School’s overall mental health. 

My last goal is to constantly seek students' opinions. I believe a great leader always listens, but it is difficult to get a feeling of the overall morale when you're leading so many people. I plan on sending at least three surveys to the Upper School students about their overall experience at Agnes Irwin, and if they have any ideas to improve everyone’s time here. I will then identify the common critiques and see if there are solutions. I did this for my grade when I was class representative, and it was extremely beneficial for me and the other members of Student Government.

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