Agnes Irwin Commencement 2024

Agnes Irwin Commencement 2024

The 74 members of The Agnes Irwin School Class of 2024 received their diplomas during Commencement exercises on Thursday, June 6.


On June 6, the 74 students in the Agnes Irwin Class of 2024 officially received their diplomas, becoming the school's newest alumnae. Chair of the Board of Trustees Anne Ford remarked, "Today, we applaud each of our graduates for their contributions to our school and wish them well as they embark on the next chapter. I have seen these graduates blossom from little girls into young women who are talented, creative, curious, bold, collaborative, respectful and kind. Class of 2024, you exemplify all the qualities we seek to cultivate in an Agnes Irwin girl. As you go, please never forget that this community will always be here for you." 


This year’s Commencement address was delivered by student-elected speaker Cici Curran. After a heartfelt thanks to the parents and faculty for their unwavering support, Cici shared, in part:

"We are a class full of talented individuals who have unique talents and passions. If there is one person to whom we all owe the literal and figurative music that has echoed in the halls of Agnes Irwin during our years here, it is Mr. [Murray] Savar. Anyone who knew him would understand that his energy was life-changing. To be in the presence of Mr. Savar was to be in the presence of pure vitality, comedy, and kindness. He made an effort to make each one of us feel like the most special girl in the world. Although he isn't physically here with us today, I know he is up there, sitting behind his piano, with an extravagant bow tie and looking down on all of us. To the Class of 2024, to my people ... I encourage you all to lean into the newness of change. We will always have this lifelong sisterhood to fall back on. I can't wait to see how each of our lives grows in beautiful directions. Class of 2024, we are just getting started!" 


This year's Commencement Speaker was Connie Anne Harris '83. Connie Anne is a retired business leader who now advocates and passionately fundraises for causes in health, women’s issues, and historical preservation. Her career in the media business spanned 30 years, and she is widely recognized for her extensive brand and team building achievements. Her corporate experience includes leadership roles at some of the most important brands in media. In 2013, she joined Glamour as Chief Revenue Officer, and then in 2014, was named Conde Nast’s first Chief Revenue Officer of the Year. Prior to Glamour she served for four years as Publisher of Time Inc.’s InStyle, where she was credited with the revitalization of the brand. She joined InStyle after a 14 year career at Vogue where she was named Managing Director following the success of the September 2001 issue, which carried the most ad pages in Vogue’s history and was the subject of the documentary, “The September Issue”.

Connie Anne serves on the Advisory Board of the Hospital for Special Surgery. She serves on the board of the Greenwich Emergency Medical Services, where her role is co-chair of development. She serves on the Board of the Greenwich Historical Society where she is a co-chair for the History in the Making Event and the Christmas Market. Connie Anne serves on the Board of the American Red Cross and is co-chairing the Red and White Ball for the second year in 2024.

She resides in Greenwich, Nantucket, and Vail with her husband Jeremiah and beloved lab Trixie.

Former Trustee Taliba Foster '88 (L) pictured with former Board Chairs and Commencement Speakers Connie Anne Harris '83 (middle) and Ann Laupheimer Sonnenfeld '77 (R) at the post-Commencement celebrations

Connie Anne's remarks, in part: 

When I moved to New York City in 1987 with my big hair and my even bigger shoulder pads, my father warned me that while I had always been a big fish in a very small pond now I was moving to the largest pond of them all and I was going to start off as a very tiny fish. Then he went on to say that he was not worried about my move to New York City because my personality was a unique combination of pushy and charming.  I took that as a compliment and a challenge to become a very big fish. And I later learned that that combination of pushy and charming was my secret sauce. And each of you has a secret sauce. Embrace it. It will take you places. 

Looking back on my road to becoming a big fish, I realize now it was that secret sauce, a lot of hard work, relentless determination, and my tenth grade English teacher, Mrs. Goppelt, that I have to thank. [In one particular instance,] when I didn't take time in my paper to explain [a concept well enough,] Mrs. Goppelt recognized I had a greater understanding than the paper I turned in. She hosted me at her home for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and what she told me over tea sandwiches changed my life. She explained to me that I faced mountains because I never took on molehills. When I see something daunting, like writing that paper, I froze instead of leaping and considering it an opportunity. [Even today,] I hear Mrs. Goppelt whispering to me all the time to take everything one diligent step at a time and I will never face a mountain. I will only succeed.

So today, please celebrate your accomplishments [and] thank your parents for sending you to Agnes Irwin. Above all, wake up tomorrow excited because you are now an Agnes Irwin graduate and that means that nothing, nothing is impossible for you. 


After the Class was awarded diplomas, Head of School Sally Keidel remarked, “It has been my pleasure and privilege to be your Head of School. I’m proud of what you have accomplished, but even more proud of how you have contributed to our community and how you have supported each other. As you leave us, remember that you will always belong here, our owls 4 life. So, to our 74 empowered young women, our Garden Level survivors, and thrivers… go forth and live your legacy."

Congratulations, Class of 2024! 


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