AIS Online in Action: Week of 4/25

We're continuing to "look for the helpers" as we share acts of goodwill in our community; this week, we're highlighting two staff members hard at work producing face masks to donate to those in need!

Although she's busy at home continuing to enroll students and interact virtually with families interested in AIS, Admission Office Manager Claire Lewis is still finding time to sew face masks for use in local hospitals and for neighbors who haven't been able to buy them, and so far, has made nearly 100 masks.

PreK teacher Kathy Seaton writes, "This time of year I am usually busy sewing doll quilts for May Fair. When I saw the need for masks, I had my fabric stash and time on my hands to make masks." Some went to her daughter Kara and her fellow pediatric emergency medicine doctors at Minnesota Children's Hospitals, in addition to other family members, neighbors, and friends. "Sewing is a quiet pursuit after a busy morning with the PreK girls online!"

Have you heard of other Owls who are volunteering their time to help others? Share with us at!

Here are just a few examples of the engaging learning experiences that transpired via AIS Online last week:

Pumping Up the Volume to Learn Mathematics

Sixth graders "pumped up" the proverbial volume this week in their study of calculating the volume of containers! Ms. Abate led the students in a fun lesson to address the key elements of length, width, and height in this valuable life skill. Students identified how calculating volume might be useful in interior design, cooking and baking, architecture and housing construction, and more. We love these examples of critical thinking and real-world application (and this homemade white board!)!

Art During a Time of Social Distancing

Finding ways to incorporate art classes into online learning is no match for the creativity of our faculty members and students!

Here are just a few examples of our community adapting their artistic pursuits to the digital sphere:

  • In Ms. Farrow's Studio Art I class, students explored the history, science, and psychology of color, drawing on podcasts and Ken Nordine's jazz and spoken word recording "Color." They then researched and selected artwork they felt embodies the moods and colors described by Nordine. In addition, students practiced creating miniature pencil drawings of the same object from multiple perspectives.
  • 7th graders are writing and illustrating fables, comic books, and storybooks or animation based on clay animals they made earlier this year. 5th graders are creating sculptures with recycled materials — and without glue, scissors, or cardboard!
  • Students in Ms. Saulin's Ceramics and Studio classes shifted their art strategy to at-hand materials, and are currently exploring stop motion animation. This week, students wrote their own scripts and animated their ideas about sheep, inspired by a prompt from the story The Little Prince — "If you please — draw me a sheep." Additional prompts in the coming weeks are sure to result in new and creative ways to express their ideas!

Providing Historical Perspective — in French!

What's it like in Mme. Molta's French classes? Last week, students in French III Honors and French IV prepared for their reading of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince by discussing the historical context of when the book was published in 1943.

Class of 2021 Looks Ahead to College Admissions

Juniors are hard at work preparing for next year's college application process! On Tuesday, more than 90 members of the Class of 2021 and their parents attended the Junior College Panel, hosted by the College Counseling office. Seniors Taylor Carter and Grace McNeils shared their insights into the college search process, and were joined by Jeremy Branch, senior assistant director of enrollment management at The Pennsylvania State University; Mike Mansuy, senior assistant dean of admission at Davidson College; and AIS college counselors Ms. Scott and Ms. Quin. Juniors used this opportunity to inquire about the college exploration, admission, and acceptance processes.

A Remote Earth Day Celebration in PreK

PreK students honored Earth Day on Wednesday through a special project: using recycled materials to create their own Earth collages! Students used magazines, cardboard,  drawings, and even fabric to depict Earth and its inhabitants — a fitting way to celebrate our planet!

Sophomore Athletes Talk College Recruitment

Sophomore athletes took their first steps in the college recruitment process earlier this week with a special Q&A, courtesy of AIS Athletics and College Counseling! Prior to the session, students and parents watched an informational video prepared by the presenters, then convened virtually on Monday evening with follow-up questions.

A Taste of Spring

Sophomore Grace captured these beautiful blooms outside her home as part of an assignment for Ms. Rafferty's Photo II class!



More Scenes from AIS Online

On Monday, middle schoolers gathered for weekly assembly — an opportunity to engage in intentional community as they begin another week of learning!

Lower schoolers had a surprise guest in their Thursday "Surprise Teacher" assembly: Nurse Lampe!


On Thursday, 7th Grade Correspondent Grace visited the 6th grade class meeting to share her experience as a Core Leader, a key Middle School Student Council position.


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We know community is important; we're staying connected during this time — and want you to be a part of it! Here are a few ways that we are sharing the work of our students and faculty members. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out our Insta story daily: we regularly ask to hear from you about things like book recommendations, how you're spending your time as we stay at home, and more!

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We’ll be sharing weekly updates of the exciting project, classes, and creative exercises happening on AIS Online, so stay tuned!

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