AIS Online in Action: Week of 4/3

Here are just a few examples of the engaging learning experiences that transpired via AIS Online last week:

Enhancing Learning with Virtual Field Trips

Lower schoolers went on a field trip to Philadelphia — virtually, that is! They learned about notable women in the city's history, and engaged in interactive activities such as writing newspaper headlines about the life and work of women like Ona Judge, who was enslaved to George Washington's family in Mount Vernon and at the President's House in Philadelphia, before escaping to New Hampshire. 

3rd and 4th graders met virtually with three women doing crucial work in sustaining our economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Students heard from women whose industries are at the forefront — a clinical laboratory scientist, a pharmacy owner, and a trucking and logistics manager — and engaged with them directly by asking questions about their work. As part of their curriculum, students learn about the economy, interdependence of countries, supply and demand, and capital, making this virtual visit an authentic way to expand on their classroom learning. 

"Growing and Glowing" Through Writing and Feedback

Eighth graders in Mrs. Willingham's U.S. History class continued their "grow and glow" writing exercises, where students provide one another with valuable encouragement and suggestions for improvement on their Civil Rights Movement papers. Each student read a draft of an introduction or conclusion they wrote and posted it on Flipgrid, then left a video response to at least one classmate offering a praise, or "glow," as well as an aspect upon which they might "grow." 

A Colorful Exercise for Art Class

Lower schoolers in grades K through 2nd created their own color wheels as they learned about primary and secondary colors with Ms. Siembora! Students were tasked with finding everyday objects around their house to create fun representations of the color wheel — and, perhaps most importantly, carefully putting them back afterwards. (You're welcome, parents!) Third and fourth graders will also take on this challenge! 

Studying Covid-19 in Real Time

Students enrolled in the Emerging Infectious Diseases class are getting some very authentic, "real world" opportunities to apply their knowledge this semester. The class began tracking COVID-19 in December with the first reported cases in China, in addition to continuing their other units of study. Students will be researching various aspects of the pandemic, such as the structure of the virus, transfusion therapies that are being experimented with today (which harvests and transfuses antibodies from the blood of patients who have already recovered from the virus), herd immunity, community spread, contact tracing, and clinical trials of vaccines, among other topics. 

Why We Love Agnes Irwin

First grader Elif used the Writing Workshop process that she learned in class to write and illustrate her own book about why she loves Agnes Irwin! She even passed along her knowledge to her parents, who shared that "We were thrilled to see how self-directed she was. She even taught us about organizing ideas." 

What is it like to be a student doing AIS Online during this time of social distancing? Senior Waring Fleitas took us throughout her day in her Instagram takeover — including a cameo by her sister Hunter, a current freshman at AIS! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Instagram takeovers by our students!

Reimagining Reading Groups and Class Experiences

Ms. Hobson conducted a small group guided reading lesson about ostriches: "What text feature gave you the information that ostriches are bigger than humans?"

Ms. Sweeney's 4th graders played "I Have, Who Has" together on Google Meet to sharpen their sleuthing and context clues skills. 


Mr. Savar had a special guest to help teach his opening lesson in Lower School — his "student," Murray!


Mr. Mathisen used creative thinking with an iPad and laptop camera to re-create the effect of a whiteboard while teaching his Accelerated Physics class.


Maintaining Our Sense of Community

Social distancing hasn't stopped our nearly 40 Upper School faculty members from having a bit of fun during their virtual faculty meetings! 

What are our athletes doing during this time off campus? Practicing together via video, of course! Check out our lacrosse team working on their skills in this video from Coach Wray!


AIS Athletics is bringing the gym to you! Our athletics professionals have been posting special workouts on the AIS Athletics Instagram in order to keep our athletes and followers alike in shape while at home — complete with movement prep by Coach Janis!

We’ll be sharing weekly updates of the exciting project, classes, and creative exercises happening on AIS Online, so stay tuned!

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