AIS Online in Action: Week of 5/23

Celebrating Our Retirees

As we prepare to say farewell to another school year, we celebrate the faculty and staff who will retire from The Agnes Irwin School this spring — and the more than 50 combined years of leadership and service that they have dedicated to providing the best to the students in our care.

A Special May Fair Surprise for Fourth Graders!

A Special May Fair Surprise for Fourth GradersFourth graders had a taste of May Fair delivered to their homes on Friday, courtesy of the Parents' Council! Each student received a surprise gift box filled with the history of May Fair as well as items representing this special day — most importantly, lemon sticks! Thank you to all who helped bringing the magic of May Fair to life!

Saying Thank You to Frontline Workers

Students and faculty members are saying thank you to healthcare professionals and essential workers through homemade cards! The Upper School Arts Council and Community Service Board have been scanning and sending virtual cards to area hospitals and businesses, such as Bryn Mawr Hospital, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

Seniors Named U.S. Squash High School All-American Athletes

Congratulations to seniors Katherine Glaser and Olivia Walsh for being named US Squash 2019-2020 High School All-American athletes! This honor celebrates players who have reached a pinnacle of accomplishment in junior tournament competition or high school league play, according to the US Squash website. Katherine and Olivia are two of only 44 athletes from across the country to receive this prestigious designation.

Eighth Graders Receive American Math Competition Awards

On Wednesday, Mrs. Hahn honored three of our top Middle School students for their work in the American Mathematics Competition, a challenging set of questions covering a wide array of concepts. Congratulations to Ella, Alexis, and Henriette for earning first, second, and third place, respectively, among AIS 8th grade participants!

Practicing Pythagorean Theorem Through Puzzles

Who knew that puzzles could help students learn Pythagorean Theorem? Students in Ms. Brennan's Geometry I Honors class put their knowledge to the test by creating their own Pythagorean puzzles, wherein the solver would need to use not only the Pythagorean Theorem, but also special right angles and trigonometry! The project is based on a special worksheet called the Pythagorean Stack — which utilizes the theorem to solve for a missing side of one triangle, which is key to finding missing values of subsequent triangles.

Legacy Through Leadership Share Out

On Friday, current and past participants of the Legacy Through Leadership faculty professional development program gathered to reflect on how the experience has shaped their pedagogy, classroom management, and how they interact with both curriculum and their students. They emphasized the value of collaboration with colleagues and teaching partners — be it gaining outside perspective on teaching Spanish and French classes, identifying opportunities to clarify student objectives and subsequent reflections, and more!

Legacy Through Leadership is a three-year faculty professional development program, made possible through an E.E. Ford Foundation grant, that empowers faculty members to explore, create, and collaborate on new learning opportunities for students.

PreK Visits the Zoo — Virtually, That Is!

PreK students are finishing up an exciting research project on animals found at the Philadelphia Zoo! Each student selected a different animal, researched its native habitat, lifestyle, and interesting facts. They illustrated their animal in an Amate painting, a Mexican folk art style that utilizes vivid colors to depict scenes of nature or life — and ties into students' Spanish culture study from throughout the year!

A Scavenger Hunt Introduction to Middle School

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 4th graders teamed up with 5th graders for a scavenger hunt! This fun spring activity — adapted into a virtual format this year — included a digital BreakoutEDU session for small teams from both grades. Students collaborated to open the locks, which also required 5th graders sharing insights about Middle School classes, places, and more. This event was a great way for 5th graders to provide their perspective on the transition from Lower to Middle School.

Exploring Abiogenesis in Biology I Honors

Juniors in Ms. Koenig's Biology I Honors class learned about the hypothesis of abiogenesis through chemical evolution, and were asked to research a known exoplanet that likely has conditions similar to those on the early Earth during this process. Each student or pair of students researched the existing atmospheric conditions, mass, location, and other key details of one of the extrasolar planets identified by NASA as being possibly habitable, such as Kepler 62F and Tau Ceti e.

Cardboard Sculptures: Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose

Ms. Farrow's students have been creating their own artistic pieces using a unique medium: cardboard! They were challenged to construct a freestanding, balanced sculpture without use of any adhesive. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's nature sculptures that contain no adhesives — often held together by thorns, ice, etc. — students were asked to observe their sculptures from three angles or viewpoints to find unique perspectives.

Summer at AIS Registration is Open!

Summer at AIS is just around the corner! We are pleased to be able to offer free, academic enrichment opportunities for Agnes Irwin students online! These online offerings are being designed to provide a review of current grade level content and to introduce new academic concepts to students throughout the summer for those families interested in extra support. Once registered, teachers will reach out to students prior to the start of each course to distribute expectations for online summer learning

Summer Strength and Conditioning Training Program

The Athletic Department is gearing up for the Summer Strength and Conditioning Training program, running twice a week beginning Monday, June 8 and concluding on Thursday, August 13. This program is open to any AIS students interested in playing a Middle or Upper School sport at Agnes Irwin. Rising 9th graders will begin with the Middle School group, and progress to the Upper School section once acclimated to the program. To register, please sign up via the appropriate link: US Summer S&C Sign-up or MS Owls Summer S&C Sign-up. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Janis at

More Scenes from AIS Online

Second graders in Ms. Zachary's class honed their estimation and sleuthing skills for an "estimysteries" lesson, where they used clues and synthesized mathematical information to estimate the quantity of objects!

Ms. Saulin's 8th graders presented their stop-motion videos this week — including stories of friendship, travelling the world for a lost hat, and the bond between a mother and child.

The Lower School had an unusual surprise for their Special Guest assembly on Thursday: the AIS May Pole!

Stay Connected With Us!

We know community is important; we're staying connected during this time — and want you to be a part of it! Here are a few ways that we are sharing the work of our students and faculty members. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out our Insta story daily: we regularly ask to hear from you about things like book recommendations, how you're spending your time as we stay at home, and more!

Lower Schoolers Tag Team on Instagram

Lower schoolers rule on our AIS Instagram this week! Sisters Laura '28 and Maggie '30 walked us through a day on AIS Online – including a scavenger hunt, assembly, and "estimysteries" in Ms. Zachary's math class — while Ivy '33 shared her online learning experience in PreK!

Athletics Senior Spring Spotlight

AIS Athletics continues to honor our graduating athletes with the Senior Spring Spotlight series. This week, we celebrate the achievements of Caroline (track), Ciaran (track), Dayna (softball), Olivia (golf), and Phoebe (track)!

We’ll be sharing weekly updates of the exciting project, classes, and creative exercises happening on AIS Online, so stay tuned!

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