AIS Online in Action: Week of 5/9

We Love Our Teachers!

Our educators give their all to our girls each and every day! During this #teacherappreciationweek, we are especially thankful for our faculty's positivity, resilience, and commitment to educating our students — whether class is taking place on campus or at the kitchen table! Check out students' thank-you messages on our special Instagram story!

Acts of Kindness in Our Community

We're continuing to "look for the helpers" as we share acts of goodwill in our community; this week, we're highlighting a faculty member and the work of our students to support those affected by COVID-19.

For sophomore Cathryn, a love of art and a desire to help others has led to a unique project to inspire front-line workers battling COVID-19: creating artistic messages of support taped to candy bars! She designed uplifting notes — complete with floral drawings inspired by the trees in her yard — to tape to candy bars for medical professionals at Bryn Mawr Hospital, where her mother works full-time in the Emergency Department. Cathryn's sisters joined in to assist with the project, which grew to include more than 100 candy bar messages!

Ms. Farrow's Studio Art I students interpreted "water" this week, joining artists from across the Philadelphia region for the #OnePhillyArt community project. Each week, citizens of all ages from Philadelphia zip codes create artwork based on a specific theme, then place the art in their windows so that those outside can enjoy their work. This community solidarity project demonstrates how art is an important way to connect others.

Sra. Fernandez has been volunteering her Saturdays to assist with getting meals to the city's most vulnerable populations through the #ForPhilly program, which helps combat food scarcity for Philadelphians affected by COVID-19.

Have you heard of other Owls who are volunteering their time to help others? Share it with us at!

Gus Flies into Lower School Assembly

Lower schoolers welcomed a very special visitor to their Thursday assembly: Gus the Owl! During this weekly gathering, students ask questions to determine the identity of their guest before he or she is revealed. Our lower schoolers went wild when Gus appeared!

Where Infographics and Shakespeare Meet

What do Shakespeare and infographics have in common? Ms. DeLuca's "one-pager" assignment for her freshman English class — a unique way to demonstrate students' knowledge! The assignment combines artistic expression — similar to the style of an infographic — with the analysis of key literary elements of Romeo and Juliet, including how setting, plot, character development, language, themes, and more work together. We love seeing our faculty members think outside of the box and find new, exciting ways to reinforce learning!

Moana Does Mathematics in First Grade

Who knew that Moana could help teach mathematics? Ms. Shields' first graders learned about fractions this week through a special Moana-inspired lesson. Students even memorized the lyrics to a hilarious Fractions song — written by Ms. Shields herself to the tune of "How Far I'll Go!"

Artistic Expression of Animal Fables

Seventh graders continued their study of the rich artistic history of animals and fables this week by creating illustrative and narrative art. The project actually began in Ms. Saulin's Ceramics class earlier this year, where students researched the history of animals present in clay pieces around the world and discussed different animal fables. Students chose animals important to them and sculpted them, and began working on their own fable. Ms. Farrow continued the fable project by encouraging students to create their fables through collages, animations, or drawings, while using storybook traditional, comic book, or graphic novel styles.

Innovative Teaching Encourages Student Exploration

What happens when a teacher models the learning process and uses new tools to enhance instruction? In some cases, it encourages students to find new mediums of creativity and expression...just for fun! After watching how expertly teacher Ms. Tobia uses Loom each week, third grader Sidney was inspired to explore the tool's features and deepen her skills with this creative tool.

Making Joyful Virtual Music

Virtual learning hasn't stopped the joy of music at AIS! This week, sixth graders in Ms. Weigle's music class played recorders and ukeleles, made sound maps of bird songs, listened to music from around the world, sang and danced, and learned about opera through The Metropolitan Opera's livestream of Cinderella!

More Scenes from AIS Online

Fifth graders in Ms. Fry's class performed a reader's theater this week during their study of Homer's The Iliad —  complete with ancient Greek-style masks!

Our Middle and Upper School Spanish classes are embracing virtual learning while maintaining connection with their teachers!


Ms. Siembora embraced the recent rainy weather to lead her students in a rainy day drawing live art lesson!


Fifth graders kicked off their class meeting earlier this week with a dance party — featuring Coach Bell bustin' some moves!


Second graders practiced their deductive reasoning skills this week in math class with Ms. Zachary, as they used clues to determine the amount of objects in a jar.


Third graders in Ms. Ponte's Spanish class applied their learning of objects to their real-life bedroom and learning spaces, taking photos of objects and labeling them in Spanish!


Stay Connected With Us!

We know community is important; we're staying connected during this time — and want you to be a part of it! Here are a few ways that we are sharing the work of our students and faculty members. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out our Insta story daily: we regularly ask to hear from you about things like book recommendations, how you're spending your time as we stay at home, and more!

AIS Instagram Takeovers Continue

This week, Avery '21 and Meklit '23 took us through their AIS Online experiences on our AIS Instagram!


Athletics Senior Spring Spotlight

We're proud of our senior athletes! This week, AIS Athletics debuted the Senior Spring Spotlight series. Learn more about Asiyah (track), Peyton (crew), Julianne (lacrosse), and Molly (softball) as we celebrate their achievements!

We’ll be sharing weekly updates of the exciting project, classes, and creative exercises happening on AIS Online, so stay tuned!

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