AIS Online in Action: Week of 5/16

Summer at AIS Registration Opens Monday

Although we cannot gather in-person on campus, we are pleased to be able to offer free, academic enrichment opportunities for Agnes Irwin students online! These online offerings are being designed to provide a review of current grade level content and to introduce new academic concepts to students throughout the summer for those families interested in extra support. Once registered, teachers will reach out to students prior to the start of each course to distribute expectations for online summer learning.

Choose from grade-specific skills for Kindergarten through 4th Grade, or jump into the Center for the Advancement of Girls Book Club! Middle schoolers can enhance their math, language arts, writing, and global social studies skills. Upper schoolers can choose from courses in math, modern language, writing, English, graphic design, as well as the Invest in Girls program, which provides an in-depth look into personal finances and related careers.

Class of 2021 Talks Post-COVID College Admission Process

How will COVID-19 affect the college admissions process? On Tuesday evening, the Class of 2021 and their families heard from college admissions expert Jeff Selingo on just that topic, as he joined Dr. Hill over Zoom for a conversation about how students, parents, and counselors can navigate the college search during this uncertain time. Mr. Selingo is the author of two New York Times bestsellers, and his next book, Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, comes out in September.⁠ For more on what COVID-19 means for college admissions, take a look at his opinion piece in USA TODAY.

Senior Named Inter-Ac Athletic Director Award Recipient

Senior Natalie Pansini was recently named a 2020 Inter-Academic Athletic Director Award recipient, a distinction presented to multi-sport varsity senior athletes who exemplify dedication to their team and school. Pansini and 12 other recipients were acknowledged in a special feature article and accompanying video released on Tuesday. Learn more about Natalie and her athletic achievements.

Sixth Graders Discuss Nervous System with Neurobiologist

Earlier this week, 6th graders spoke with Dr. Alexander Gill, a medical student at The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gill discussed the nervous system, tying to students' current topic of study, and also shared insights into his journey to becoming a neurobiologist and what motivated him to continue when he faced challenges. He even introduced students to the idea of pursuing careers in psychology, veterinary, and pediatric neuroscience, demonstrating the wide variety of topics within his field!

Alumna Suzie Welsh Devine '07 Visits with Upper Schoolers

On Monday, upper schoolers heard from alumna Suzie Welsh Devine '07, a nurse-turned-entrepreneur and founder of women's health company BINTO. She shared her experiences in owning and operating a business during the COVID-19 epidemic, and how her time at AIS prepared her for her career as well as this unprecedented time in our world.

Constructing Compound Words Through Illustration

Ms. Siembora's Curriculum Art class was the perfect place for kindergarteners to reinforce their language arts lessons about compound words! Students drew two smaller words that comprise a larger one, which Ms. Siembora used to create fun GIFs to illustrate the process. This is another great example of cross-disciplinary learning here at AIS!

When Student Interests Guide Classroom Learning

In Ms. Tobia's 3rd grade social studies class, student interests are an important part of the learning process! During their study of Asia, students read nonfiction books, articles, and websites, and then generated questions about what they were most interested in exploring further. Ms. Tobia provided the opportunity for student-led projects about elements of Asian culture, history, and more — with spectacular results! One student, Sammie, created a documentary-style video for her project — and featured a special interview with a panda bear!

Finding French Paintings to Re-Create

Students in Mme. Bonnamour's 5th grade French classes have been doing a "museum challenge," where they reproduce a painting by a famous French artist or a painting from a French museum. The activity coincides with the worldwide Getty Challenge, which several Agnes Irwin art classes have embraced in recent weeks!

More Scenes from AIS Online

We love this very special poem dedicated to Mrs. Bergh, written by kindergartener Harper. Way to go, Harper!!


Lower schoolers welcomed Senior Class President Cheney '20 to their surprise guest assembly this week!


On Wednesday, 8th graders started their class meeting with a lip-reading game — a fun start to this important time of community!


Ms. Saulin's seventh graders have been creating stop motion animation videos,and presented them to the class this week!


Mrs. Abate and Mrs. Finley's Parliament decided to host a special meeting this week: sharing their breakfast together!


Students in Ms. Ortiz's 8th Grade Spanish Honors class practiced their Spanish speaking skills as they presented about endangered animals and the problems they face.


Stay Connected With Us!

We know community is important; we're staying connected during this time — and want you to be a part of it! Here are a few ways that we are sharing the work of our students and faculty members. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and check out our Insta story daily: we regularly ask to hear from you about things like book recommendations, how you're spending your time as we stay at home, and more!

2022 and 2023 Represent on Instagram

Sophomore Ava and Maddie '23 took over the AIS Instagram this week as they shared about some of their class work, capstone projects, advisory lunches, and more!

Athletics Senior Spring Spotlight

AIS Athletics continues to honor our graduating athletes with the Senior Spring Spotlight series. This week features Kacy (lacrosse), Parker (golf), Shreya (softball), Natalie (lacrosse), and Eliza (crew)!

We’ll be sharing weekly updates of the exciting project, classes, and creative exercises happening on AIS Online, so stay tuned!

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