BBC America Anchor Talks Confidence at AIS

During the middle school years, girls lose about a third of their confidence — and never regain it. "If we want a generation of confident women, we have to start with confident girls," BBC America anchor and author of The Confidence Code for Girls, Katty Kay, told the AIS community last night. In a Q&A moderated by Karen Hepp of FOX 29 (Agnes Irwin Class of 1989!), Katty shared tips for helping girls (and women) to take more risks and "get comfortable with being uncomfortable."
One piece of advice? Research shows that while men routinely overestimate their abilities by about 30%, women underestimate theirs. “We tend to tell ourselves that we are less good than we actually are," Katty said. "Every time you're thinking about taking a risk, going for a promotion, making a new friend, or raising your hand in class, think to yourself, ‘how many times have I actually succeeded?’ By and large, it’s a lot more times than you’re giving yourself credit for.”
In the past few months, our middle schoolers have taken on lessons from The Confidence Code For Girls in Parliament, and last night, many of them joined us for the Q&A and book signing. Prior to the talk, the girls enjoyed dinner with some special invited guests: women who have made a positive impact on their lives.
Thanks to this dynamic duo for joining us, and to our girls for asking some great questions!

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