Celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Lights

Last week, Lower School students learned about Diwali, the highly anticipated festival of lights celebrated in India and by Hindus, Siks, and Jains worldwide.

Our PreK and Kindergarten students learned about the historical and religious roots of this holiday, which emphasizes the victory of good over evil. They studied its many joyous, colorful celebrations, traditional clothing, and more. PreK girls made rangoli designs, much like the sand paintings decorating Hindu homes this time of year, and heard Mr. Seaton’s tales of Diwali during his time as a boy growing up in India. PreK student Lily even shared a photo celebrating in her own traditional sari! Kindergarteners created colorful paper flowers surrounding a “flame,” representing the diyas, or little lights found across India. This week, PreK students are making their own diyas in Ms. Siembora's art class. The holiday, which emphasizes the victory of good over evil, features joyous, colorful celebrations.

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