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Celebrating Math and Language Excellence

Agnes Irwin recognized dozens of Upper and Middle School math and language students for their achievements at recent special assemblies. In addition, one sixth grader and two fifth graders received awards celebrating their exemplary leadership, character, and passion for learning.



AATF French Contest

This year, close to 73,000 students nationwide participated in the AATF French Contest. Of the more than 2,300 students participating from the Philadelphia area, Agnes Irwin was among the schools with the highest number of total winners. Students examined a variety of sources and analyzed cultural and scientific issues, while deciphering accents and speech patterns from different regions, such as Morocco, The Ivory Coast, Martinique, Senegal, and Quebec.

Bronze (75th to 80th percentile):

  • Level 2: Lilly Charlson ’22, Enshalla Dunlop ’21

  • Level 4: Madeline Briddell ’20, Leann Luong ’20, Elizabeth Pendergast ’20

Silver (85th to 90th percentile):

  • Level 1: Ay’Jah Nelson ’22

  • Level 2A: Ashleigh Weigle ’22, Sara Yamada ’22

  • Level 3A: Vivien Hevizi ’21, Kiera Mahoney ’21

  • Level 4A: Hanna Askarpour ’21, Eve Frankel ’20

  • Level 5A: Elizabeth Scott ’19

Gold (95th percentile):

  • Level 2A: Annabelle Kress ’22, Ashley Kulp ’22

  • Level 3A: Fiona Moser ’21

  • Level 4A: Asiyah Ball ’20

French Honors Society

Seven seniors were inducted into the Société Honoraire de Français of the American Association of Teachers of French: Annabel Gavin, Tait Lamb, Lexi Laveran, Saguna Malhotra, Elizabeth Scott, Mena Tetali, and Rachel Welch.

National Spanish Exam 

The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades 7 through 12, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Agnes Irwin Upper School students earned a total of 5 gold, 11 silver and 16 bronze medals on the National Spanish Exam. More than 146,000 students participated in the NSE this year.


  • Level I: Olivia Null ’22

  • Level II: Reilly Brennan ’22, Yamira Clarke ’22, Aaliyah Gauthney ’22, Devon Glaser ’22, Malia Grant ’22, Jolie Jaffe ’22, Kennedy Ndiaye ’22, Maeve Roarty, ’22, Aly Turley ’22

  • Level III: Kelly Cooper ’21, Cameron Micheletti ’21, Jordan Williams ’20

  • Level V: Lia Della Porta ’20, Katherine Glaser ’20, Caroline Shaver ’20


  • Level I: Chelsea Chen ’21

  • Level II: Meredith DeCarlo ’22, Ariana Karalis ’22, Mia Skyman ’22, Emma Twitmyer ’22

  • Level III: Colette Cavazos ’20, Kate Chen ’20, Dayna Thomas ’20, Marion Reidenbach ’21

  • Level IV: Rachel Mashek ’20

  • Level V: Emily Kulp ’19


  • Level II: Olivia Heldring ’22, Sarah Toth ’22, Libby Wheeler ’21

  • Level III: Raquel Coren ’21

  • Level IV: Caroline Vauclain ’21

Spanish Honors Society

Seven seniors were inducted into the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese: Grace Bartosh, Claudia Berthold, Caroline Glaser, Gavi Kamens, Emily Kulp, Mary Grace Miller, and Lisa Yamada.

National Latin Exam

In March, more than 140,000 students across the United States took the National Latin Exam. The exam consists of 40 questions on Latin translation, grammar, history, mythology, general culture, and English derivatives from Latin. All Agnes Irwin Classics students take this exam. Participants in the introductory Latin exam receive honors, while recipients at other levels receive distinctions in the Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Maxima Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude categories.

  • Honors: Kayla Hayes ’21, Julia Van der Zwan ’22

  • High Honors: Kathy Chen ’22, Olivia Harrison ’22, Abby Todd ’22

  • Cum Laude: Amelia Boerner ’19, Rachel Meng ’21, Ruthie Njagi ’21, Caroline O’Mara ’22, Natalie Pansini ’20, Cordelia Pride ’22, Elizabeth Scott ’19, Sarah Yoh ’19

  • Magna Cum Laude: Lauren Avery ’19, Sophie Bacharach ’22, Ariana Karalis ’22, Laila Lewis ’22, Kennedy Ndiaye ’22, MaryGrace Popky ’22, Rachel Welch ’19

  • Maxima Cum Laude: Maeve Roarty ’22, Anne Sayen ’19, Kimberly Tyson ’22

  • Summa Cum Laude: Ava Sim ’22, Mia Skyman ’22

National Greek Exam

All students taking Ancient Greek at AIS participated in the National Greek Exam in March, and every Agnes Irwin Greek student earned an award on this year's exam.

  • Merit: Lauren Avery ’19, Arya Bedi ’19, Jean-Marie Dundovich ’19, Natalie Pansini ’20, Talia Schley ’20

American Mathematics Competition Exam

In February many Upper School girls took the American Mathematics Competition exam. “These students, through their exceptional performance on this assessment, demonstrated their deep mathematical understanding as well as their ability to work creatively and with resiliency to successfully tackle difficult problems,” remarked Upper School Mathematics Teacher Elena Bertrand.

The top scorers at each grade level were:

9th Grade:

  • Third Place: Kathy Chen

  • Second Place: Sarah Toth

10th Grade:

  • First Place and overall highest scorer on the AMC-10: Chelsea Chen

11th Grade:

  • Third Place: Kate Chen

  • First Place on the AMC-12: Colette Cavazos

12th Grade:

  • Second Place: Grace Bartosh



National French Contest

Close to 73,000 students in the United States took the National French Contest in March, including more than 2,300 students participating from the Philadelphia area. The National French Contest assesses students in all things French, including communication skills, vocabulary, and cultural sensitivity embracing the many facets of the Francophone world, keeping in mind that one of the main goals of learning a language is to integrate it into a cultural context.

This year, AIS brought home a special honor: the platinum medal, presented to the student with the highest score in his or her division in the country.

  • Bronze (75th to 80th percentile): Alimah Jalloh ’24, Piper Boulden ’24, Grace Czepiel ’23, Laura Gowen ’23, Macy James ’24, Emma Justi ’24, Skye Kania ’23, Kennedy Kelleher ’23, Sarah McCarthy ’23, Casey McIntyre ’23, Sydney Puriefoy ’24

  • Silver (85th to 90th percentile): Anna Scott ’24, Sarah Solomon ’24, Nahla Thomas ’23, Eliza Vander ’23

  • Gold (95th percentile): Rosa Huffman ’23, Reagan Pagano ’23, Alexis Roemer ’24, Emma Vanderver ’23, Chloe Walsh ’24

  • Platinum (highest division scorer in the country): Samantha Zimmer ’23

National Spanish Examination

The National Spanish Examination is taken annually, with well over 146,000 students competing this year.  As such, it is the largest exam of its kind in the United States. The two-part exam tests students’ knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and structures, and then, based on authentic listening and reading texts, their ability to understand and interpret these documents.

The following Middle School students were recognized this year at their respective levels.

  • Bronze (75th to 84th percentile): Kathryn Chang ’23, Madeline Chong ’23, Tess Cosgrave ’23, Maya Johnson ’23, Nina Kirkpatrick ’23, Sophia Rodack ’25, GG Seibert ’25, Annalee Stuardi-Drumm ’23, Meklit Tedla ’23, Michelle Yu ’23

  • Silver (85th to 94th percentile): Sydney Chen ’23, Hayden Dash ’23, Leslie Forman ’23, Orchie Hasan ’24, Natalie Hofer ’23, Hadley McCormack ’23, Kiran McCormick ’25, Sophie Oberreither ’23, Lilly Press ’23, Peyton Reidenbach ’23, Leila Rodriguez ’23, Henriette Schminke ’24

  • Gold (95th percentile or above): Ella Graupner ’23

National Latin Exam

More than 140,000 students across the United States took the National Latin Exam this spring. The exam consists of 40 questions on Latin translation, grammar, history, mythology, general culture, and English derivatives from Latin. All seventh and eighth grade Latin students at Agnes Irwin take the exam, and many students were recognized for their scores this year.

7th Grade: 
Eliana Aaron, Julia Barcus, Piper Boulden, Whitney Charlson, Yalana Clarke, Sarah Ernst, Olivia Harrison ’22, Orchie Hasan, Macy James, Madeleine Jodz, Emma Justi, Leilani Lorenze, Amelie Matuch, Maya Messick, Sydney Puriefoy, Alexis Roemer, Henriette Schminke, Anna Scott, Sarah Solomon, Ella Springer, Avery Thomas, Chloe Walsh

8th Grade: 
Sydney Chen, Tess Cosgrave, Leslie Forman, Laura Gowen, Ella Graupner, Natalie Hofer, Rosa Huffman, Skye Kania, Nina Kirkpatrick, Hadley McCormack, Reagan Pagano, Lilly Press, Meklit Tedla, Anahla Thomas, Eliza Vander, Michelle Yu, Samantha Zimmer


Other Awards

Wednesday’s assembly also recognized two fifth grade students and a sixth grade student who have shown curiosity, passion for learning, leadership and character.

The Helen Holt English Award:

This award is given to a fifth grader in memory of Dr. Helen Holt, beloved and respected English teacher. In her many years as a Lower School and fifth grade teacher, Dr. Holt was committed to instilling a love of reading in her students. This year's award recipient is Falina Baron-Hionis.

The Edith O’Hara Award:

The Edith O’Hara Award, inaugurated by Sarajane Smith Alexander, Class of 1949, and awarded annually by the Class of 1949 to the girl in the fifth grade who best exemplifies the intellect and character that Mrs. O’Hara always strove to instill in her students. This year's recipient is Lucy Pierce.

The Naya Galyn Summy Award:

The Naya Galyn Summy Award is presented to a girl or girls in the sixth grade who best exemplify those qualities for which we remember Naya: contagious laughter, joyful enthusiasm, and determined curiosity. Naya was a happy and positive force to be reckoned with, and this award honors that spirit in others. This year's award recipient is Grace Connelly.

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