Agnes Irwin Graduates 80 Students, Our Second Largest Class in School History 

Agnes Irwin Graduates 80 Students, Our Second Largest Class in School History 

The 80 members of The Agnes Irwin School’s Class of 2022 received their diplomas during Commencement exercises on Thursday, June 9.

On June 9, the 80 students in the Class of 2022 officially graduated and became Agnes Irwin’s newest alumnae. The beautiful day started with a class brunch at 672 Conestoga where the soon-to-be graduates heard speeches from teachers and faculty, and of course, posed for lots of pictures. Back on campus, the students took the stage for the Commencement exercises.

Head of School Sally Keidel remarked, “As you prepare to embark on your next adventures, I hope you will draw strength from what you accomplished over the course of your Agnes Irwin School years, always remembering to … stay close to one another. You will be amazed by how your classmates grow and what they accomplish. There is tremendous value in your connection to one another.”

This year’s Commencement address was delivered by Leslie Park ’92, a graduate of Yale University and the New York University School of Law who is currently general counsel at Dalberg Catalyst. Park centered her speech on three important life lessons she has learned from playing competitive poker. “Lesson one: Be bold and take risks,” Park told the class. “You will never know what you’re capable of until you take risks and test your boundaries. Lesson two: Be tough and have courage. Toughness and grit are the qualities you need in life to achieve your goals. Lesson three: Reflect and know who you are. [Knowing who you are] will help you understand your own motivations, your values, your strengths, and your weaknesses. It will help you find your place in the world – how you want to spend your time and who you want to spend it with.” 

Student-elected speaker Samantha Kania ’22 reflected on her time at Agnes Irwin. “The Class of 2022 experienced an irregular and challenging three years due to the pandemic. Converting an overwhelming experience into a positive one, we took this time to grow into a close-knit grade. The diplomas we will receive today are a reflection of our dedication to academics, athletics, service, art, and extracurriculars. Our diplomas are also mementos – objects that will forever remind us of the times we spent together as a grade and how close we were. As the days [before commencement] became numbered, I finally understood why Agnes Irwin had always felt like a second home. I have grown up with my classmates. I have watched them learn how to read. I have watched their personalities develop. I have watched them dive into their passions [and] … score game winning goals, grow confident [and] fight for their beliefs. I have watched their intelligence impress faculty. Agnes Irwin has always felt like a second home because of my classmates. The Class of 2022 is, and will always be, my home. To the Class of 2022, something beautiful lies ahead. I can’t wait to see where life takes you all.”

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