Agnes Irwin Recognizes Fifty-One Eighth Graders at Middle School Closing Ceremony

Agnes Irwin Recognizes Fifty-One Eighth Graders at Middle School Closing Ceremony

Yesterday, Agnes Irwin’s annual Middle School Closing Ceremony celebrated fifty-one eighth graders who will be moving on to high school next year. Middle School Director Cintra Horn, conducted the ceremony in the Laura Thomas Buck ’49 Pavilion before family and friends. Students sang The Agnes Irwin School alma mater, performed their class song, enjoyed a slideshow of photos submitted by their families, and were awarded their diplomas to rousing applause.

Head of School Sally Keidel remarked, “I am so proud of the growth in each of you this year in confidence, passion, resilience, and smarts. I know that you are ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. I hope you will think back to your time in the Middle School with appreciation for how you have grown and developed. I hope you will spend time this summer thinking about the new goals that you will set for yourself on the journey ahead. We can’t wait to see what you achieve.” 

The following students were presented with awards for excellence: 

Lizzie Shacklett was awarded the Diana Gormley Award presented annually to an eighth grade who displays the exceptional qualities of compassion, leadership, integrity and enthusiasm that Mrs. Gormley embodied during her 28-year tenure at the school. 

Bella Peschek Percec was awarded the Adrienne Allen Award by the Class of 1981, given to the student who best exemplifies the courage, dedication and loyalty that Adrienne shared with her classmates throughout her years at Agnes Irwin. This student is loyal, dedicated, and consistently shows grace under pressure. 

Chloe Spears received the Values Prize which honors a student whose contributions to the school community, through leadership and example, demonstrate and support the Middle School values statement and its core values of respect, honesty, understanding and dedication.   

Lucy Pierce was awarded the Bonnie White Sportsmanship Award, presented to an eighth grade student who has demonstrated the positive, resilient spirit that Mrs. White exemplified at Agnes Irwin. The recipient of the Bonnie White Award is competitive and kind, encouraging and coachable, and most importantly, a gracious and supportive teammate. 
Kelsey Meyerle received the Katherine G. Halton Visual Arts Award, given each year to a student with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in her artwork. 

Emily McCarthy received the Excellence in Theater Arts Award, presented to a student who has shown an enthusiasm for theater arts and a passion for storytelling and performing.
Grace Meyerle was the recipient of the Choral Music Award, given to a vocalist who has demonstrated tremendous growth throughout her years in the Middle School Grace Notes Choir.  

Kate McWilliams was the recipient of the Middle School Athletic Department Award, presented to an eighth grader who is a multi-sport athlete who has had a positive impact on Agnes Irwin Athletics through her outstanding sportsmanship, leadership, and team spirit.  

Lane Howard was the recipient of the English Award, given to a well-read student who has a passionate interest in literary texts. 
Ysabel Staton received the History Award, presented to a scholar who understands the important role that history plays in helping us to make sense of our present and shape our future. 

Caleah Henneghan was recognized with the Latin Award for her achievement in Classics, given to a student who has demonstrated an excellent depth of understanding in her study of Latin.

Chloe Spears received the Mathematics Award, awarded to a student who was willing and ready to take on any mathematical challenge in her study of Geometry.

Grace Vauclain received the French Award for her demonstration of consistent growth and development in the spoken and written language, and for interest in the culture of the Francophone world. 

Falina Baron-Hionis was the recipient of the Spanish Award for demonstrating excellence in the spoken and written language, as well as enthusiasm for the cultures of the Hispanic world. 

Ysabel Staton received the Science Award for notable academic success and intrinsic interest in science, sustainability, and environmental protection.

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