Fourth Graders Recognized for Original Fiction

Fourth graders Alexandra and Siobhan recently brought home first and second place, respectively, in the fiction category of the Gladwyne Library League's 46th Annual Junior Author Contest.

Alexandra, now a three-year veteran to the competition, entered Dragon Egg, which tells the story of Luna, a girl living in a town called DragonCrest. Born to a family of supervillains, Luna wakes up one morning with superpowers, which happens to coincide with the day she obtains a dragon egg. Her creature hatches as a phoenix and reveals the existence of her sister’s twin sister, prompting Luna to embark on an epic adventure to save her relative — an undertaking with a surprising outcome.

“Whenever I watch movies, I always find myself rooting for the villains because the villains never win,” Alexandra says. “So I just wanted to do something different.”

Siobhan’s debut entry for the Junior Author Contest, Spy Girls, follows Anna (inspired by third-grade teacher Ms. Anna Tobia), her sister, and her parents — the best agents that The International Police have — on a quest to thwart the planned theft of a golden tea set in Egypt. This humorous tale includes undercover aliases and gear, a curious riddle that the family puts their collective minds to work at solving and, of course, a pyramid.

“Since I was in second grade, I was always obsessed over the idea of writing spy mysteries,” she says. Her love of writing, combined with interests in Egypt and the concept of a stolen tea set, inspired the creation of Spy Girls.

Congratulations to Alexandra and Siobhan!

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