Meet our New Hires!

Meet our New Hires!

We’d like to help you get to know some of the newest members of our team! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting our 2021-22 new hires. This week, meet: 

Vanessa Pope
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Experiential Learning
Master's in Education Administration from the University of Southern California, Bachelor's in Visual and Environmental studies from Harvard University

"I look forward to working with local organizations to design experiential learning and service opportunities that help students live the core values and leave a legacy."

Sarah Jacoby
Lower School Associate Teacher

Master’s in Education with a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Endicott College
"What drew me to Agnes Irwin was the infectious school community and love or learning."


Anne Lytle
Middle School French Teacher

Master’s in French from Middlebury College
"I'm most looking forward to meeting students, families, and colleagues and becoming part of the community!


Allison Price
Director of Enrollment Management

Master’s in Education from Harvard University
"AIS is a school that I have long admired from afar. As someone who personally benefited from an all women's learning environment, I am passionately committed to the AIS mission of helping young women and girls develop into individual leaders and scholars."


Sam Whitney
Athletic Operations Coordinator and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Master’s in Sports Tourism & Hospitality Management from Temple University
"The mission of Agnes Irwin and mine are very similar, in that I've made a career out of empowering women to be confident in their athletic identity, in a weight room, competition, or in daily life."

Emily Rauch  
Director of Annual Giving

Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies from Denison University
"I am really looking forward to getting to know the parents, faculty and staff and playing a role in keeping Agnes Irwin successful."


Brianna Johns
Upper School English Teacher

Master's in Writing Studies from Saint Joseph's University
"What drew me to Agnes Irwin was the Center for the Advancement of Girls. To know that research and best practices were being discussed, analyzed, and made available to staff and students as a resource that drives instruction was very exciting! I am very committed to making sure my instruction and interactions with our students reflects what is best for girls."

Kelly Platt
Middle School Classics Teacher

Bachelor’s in Classics from Skidmore College
"I look forward to strengthening new and existing student/teacher relationships and showing students that Latin isn't such a dead language after all!"


Krysta Zadroga
Upper School History Teacher 

Master’s in Education from Villanova University
"I'm really looking forward to helping my students create an engaging passionate relationship with history instead of the "history is boring" relationship students can often have with the subject."

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