Model UN Visits Columbia University

Eleven Upper School students from Agnes Irwin’s Model UN Club travelled to New York City recently for the Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition, accompanied by José Sevillano, US and MS Spanish teacher, and Sylvie Molta, US and MS French instructor.

The conference, which ran from January 17 through 20, allowed students a unique glimpse into the realm of international relations and diplomacy and provided them with the opportunity to debate key global issues and find resolutions through mock UN committees. Students represented the interests of different countries or historical figures as they embodied the viewpoint of their assigned country or individual.

AIS students have attended this and similar conferences for decades, relishing in this opportunity to discuss important topics with peers. This year, junior Lizzie Dixon earned an Honorable Mention for her viewpoint portrayal of Alphonso J. Jennings, a key figure in Oklahoma’s Green Corn Rebellion, which questioned governmental interference via the Selective Draft Act of 1917.

“By participating in Model UN, I discovered my passion for diplomacy and politics — a passion that I have considered studying further and possibly turning into a career,” Dixon remarks. “Model UN has been a very valuable experience for me, challenging me to surpass my limitations and providing me with a widened perspective of today's world.”


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