Agnes Irwin Recognizes Forty-Two Eighth Graders at Middle School Closing Ceremony

Agnes Irwin Recognizes Forty-Two Eighth Graders at Middle School Closing Ceremony

Agnes Irwin Recognizes Forty-Two Eighth Graders at Middle School Closing Ceremony

Yesterday, Agnes Irwin’s annual Middle School Closing Ceremony celebrated forty-two eighth graders who will be moving on to the Upper School next year. Middle School Director Corey Willingham conducted the ceremony in the Laura Thomas Buck ’49 Pavilion, and shared:

"You’ve made it! Your completion of our rigorous Middle School academic program demonstrates how you’ve realized the goals we state in the pledge every week at Assembly. You have shown respect for yourselves, your teachers, and the learning process. You have been honest about your strengths, areas for improvement, and the effort you need to be successful. You have shown unwavering dedication, even when things felt overwhelming at the end of a quarter or when you spent your first days in the Middle School halls. Perhaps most importantly, you have cultivated understanding across your courses of study that have helped you build a strong academic foundation. The intellectual grit you have developed will serve you well as you close the chapter on middle school and look forward to what is next."

The following students were presented with awards for excellence: 

Natalie Burman was awarded the Diana Gormley Award, given annually to the student in the eighth grade who displays the exceptional qualities of compassion, leadership, integrity and enthusiasm that Mrs. Gormley embodied in her 28-year tenure at the school. 

Emma Lee-Wirtz won The Middle School Academic Excellence Award. This award recognizes one outstanding eighth grade student who has demonstrated superior academic achievement, intellectual curiosity, and an exceptional commitment to learning throughout her Middle School years. 

Laila Caldwell received the Adrienne Allen Award for best exemplifying the courage, dedication and loyalty that Adrienne shared with her classmates throughout her years at Agnes Irwin. The recipient of this award has shown growth and resilience in her time in the Middle School.

Emma Lee-Wirtz received the Values Prize which honors a student whose contributions to the school community, through leadership and example, demonstrate and support the Middle School values statement and its core values of respect, honesty, understanding and dedication. 

Zoe Rudenstein was awarded the Bonnie White Sportsmanship Award, presented to an eighth grade student who has demonstrated the positive, resilient spirit that Mrs. White exemplified at Agnes Irwin. While sportsmanship displays itself in small and great ways in athletic endeavors, and is most often associated with being a good loser and a gracious winner, the winner of the Bonnie White Sportsmanship Award is also a kind and good sport in classrooms and hallways, and in all Middle School pursuits. 

Nina Lee received the Katherine G. Halton Visual Arts Award, given each year to a student with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in her artwork. 

Mikayla Bellamy was awarded the Excellence in Theater Arts Award, presented to a student who has shown a great enthusiasm for theater arts. This student  truly embodies all the qualities of a great theater artist. 

Mikayla Bellamy was awarded the Music Award which is presented each year to a student who demonstrates significant growth, both as a musician and singer. 

Olivia Bongiorno received the Middle School Athletic Department Award, presented to an eighth grade student who was a multi-sport athlete during her Middle School years. She has had a positive impact on Agnes Irwin Athletics through her outstanding sportsmanship, leadership, and tireless work ethic.

Miranda Sargent received this year's English Award, which recognizes a student whose excellent work reflects a passionate interest in literary analysis, for her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Eloise Bullitt was awarded the History Award which recognizes a scholar who understands the important role that history plays in helping us to make sense of our present and shape our future. She has an impressive command of the factual material, and a keen eye to seeing the importance of historic events in the larger framework of history. 

Zoe Rudenstein  was awarded the Classics Department Award which recognizes a student who distinguished herself among the many talented Latin students this year. This student has long shown an interest for the ancient world in all its parts - the languages, the myths, the life of the ancient Romans, and even ancient Greek culture. 

Sophia Glickman and Laura Leven received the Math Award. The Mathematics Department recognizes mathematicians who are willing and ready to take on any mathematical challenge. 

Sarah Kokas received the French Award, which recognizes a student who demonstrates consistent growth and development with the spoken and written language, and for interest in the culture of the Francophone world. This 8th grader is genuinely curious about French in and outside of the classroom; she asks questions which demonstrate an eagerness to make connections and truly understand the language. 

Hallsie McCoy received the Spanish Award for demonstrating excellence in the spoken and written language, as well as enthusiasm for the cultures of the Hispanic world.

Sophia Glickman received this year's Science Award for notable academic success as well as intrinsic interest about the subject matter. This student has shown great tenacity this school year by consistently making efforts outside of class to broaden her knowledge and understanding.


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