Thirteen Seniors Inducted Into Cum Laude Society

Thirteen Agnes Irwin seniors were inducted into the Cum Laude Society at a special online Upper School ceremony on Tuesday, May 26, representing students who have pursued the most rigorous coursework during their high school years.

The Agnes Irwin School's chapter of the Cum Laude Society is one of 300 affiliates nationwide that honor students who have achieved excellence in the most rigorous course of study. The society permits school chapters to select up to 20 percent of the graduating class on the basis of superior scholarship. The selection is done by computing the level of performance and rigor of programs, and is determined by those computations without awareness of the students' identities; the names of those selected are kept anonymous until the induction ceremony.

“At the heart of an outstanding school like Agnes Irwin is scholarly engagement and academic excellence,” remarked Wigs Frank, senior class advisor. He challenged upper schoolers to reflect on how their Agnes Irwin education has developed their ability to think critically and creatively, evaluate perspectives and express points of view, and face challenges while working both independently and as a team member. “It is vital that you take part in the future by advocating for what you believe in, even as you listen respectfully to those with whom you disagree and work with them for mutually beneficial results,” he added. “Your education is truly essential — but so too is a careful consideration of what you choose to do with it. While you will bring superior knowledge and skills to any situation, it is your empathy, kindness, and wisdom that will work to improve the human condition.”

Head of School Dr. Wendy Hill announced the new inductees, remarking that “creating this moment — this separate and singular moment — indicates the importance we attach to the academic achievements of the students we recognize today.” The celebration not only honors the inducted seniors, but the vitality of the school’s larger academic community. “Today, we celebrate our Core Value of Excellence — a value that helps us develop passionate, resilient, and empowered learners and leaders,” she added. “Our multifaceted education ensures that you students are prepared to explore new intellectual horizons, tackle complex real-world problems, and grow into the courageous leaders our world needs.”

Agnes Irwin’s 2020 inductees are: Asiyah Ball, Elizabeth Carlson, Colette Cavazos, Lia Della Porta, Elizabeth Dixon, Eve Frankel, Katherine Glaser, Leann Luong, Rachel Mashek, Natalie Pansini, Ciaran Scott, Caroline Shaver, and Mara Zwilling.

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