Two Juniors Accepted Into First-Ever Quantum Computing Course

Two junior students have been accepted into The Coding School’s first-ever, year-long quantum computing course in collaboration with IBM Quantum.

Class of 2022 students Ava Sim and Emma Twitmyer will be introduced to the field of quantum, including quantum mechanics, quantum computation and quantum algorithms in this virtual, introductory course that is taught by MIT and Oxford researchers and sponsored by IBM Quantum. 

This is the first time this University of California A-G approved course is being offered to K-12 students and Ava and Emma will be two of the first students globally to gain The Coding School’s in-depth knowledge in quantum computing. The students will be exposed to real-world programming skills for quantum computers through the virtual course held year round. They will focus on the quantum computation prerequisites like math, programming and physics concepts, and will also be introduced to the foundational concepts in quantum computing. 

“It is a program that will challenge them and ask them to grow while introducing them to applications of physics that they haven't seen in their science courses,” AIS Science Department Chair Rosann Westmeyer, who taught both girls in 10th grade, said.

In order to be considered for the course, Ava, who is currently taking Honors Precalculus and Honors Computer Science III, and Emma, who is currently taking Honors Calculus II and Computer Science II, had to meet the math requirements of having a strong understanding of trigonometry.

They also had to show a passion and curiosity for quantum knowledge, which both students clearly demonstrated. Ava is the co-head of the Empowering Girls in STEM organization in Upper School and Emma took part in an Independent Science Research opportunity at Ursinus College this past summer.

“Both girls are confident, highly self-motivated individuals who have the determination to learn independently. When I saw this opportunity in my inbox I knew that the Quantum Computing course would be perfect for both of them as it would give them an insight to an alternative type of computing than what they learn here at AIS,” Westmeyer said.

Congratulations, Ava and Emma! 

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