Upper Schoolers Make Elective Honors Presentations

Last fall, ten juniors and seniors conducted independent research on topics of their choice as part of electives taken With Honors. The courses offered were “The Third Reich and the Holocaust” and “Environmental Sustainability.” For the first time, this year’s scholars were asked to present their With Honors research to their peers and teachers. “It was wonderful to see and hear what the students spent the last three months diving into and researching,” said Rosann Westmeyer, Upper School Coordinator of Special Studies Programs and Seminar Curriculum. 

The students provided brief synopses of their research projects:

Mia Falvey ’22
“The Psychology Behind Adolf Hitler”
I examined the impact of Hitler’s early life – including how his parents treated him, his rejection by peers and school, and his frustration with the German government – on his psychology as a power-hungry man with a fragile ego who projected his insecurities and personal failures onto an entire population of people, ultimately leading to the largest genocide in history.  

Lily Halpert ’23
“A Clean Ocean”
My project and paper focused on methods for spreading awareness about the effects of climate change on the ocean. I also touched on companies that are taking action to help mitigate the risk of damage to the ocean. 

Olivia Harrison ’22
“The Romani People and the Holocaust”
I researched early Romani marginalization in Europe and how it influenced their genocide during the Holocaust. Part of my study was how the Holocaust and marginalization continues to affect the Romani people today.

Olivia Heldring ’22
“The Dutch Resistance”
I wrote about the success level of the Dutch Resistance and about the aspects of Holland that are different from other occupied nations.

Maya Johnson ’23
“Green Architecture”
In my paper, I explained what green architecture is, provided a historical background, and shared examples of green architecture. I outlined the green design process and created my own green design model. In my presentation, I showed the audience the model and pointed out the aspects of green architecture that I incorporated into its design.

Bailey McQuaid ’23
“The Differences Between Fast Fashion and Sustainable Fashion”
I researched what sustainable fashion is and how it is different from fast fashion. I provided reasons for my assertion that sustainable fashion is the future of the fashion industry.

Ivy Ng ’23
“The Perception of Nuclear Power”
My research focused on the premise that nuclear power is an ecological and safe source of power and that the perception of danger is exaggerated.

Ellie Klein ’22
I studied the effects and impacts that different geoengineering techniques have on the planet and how they should be used to combat climate change.

Olivia Null ’22
“Death Marches from Auschwitz”
I conducted research about death marches, specifically to Auschwitz, and how we remember those who lost their lives during the Holocaust. 

Lucy Shannon ’22
“Sexual Assault in the Holocaust”
For my paper, I researched the rarely-discussed issue of sexual assault during the Holocaust. I found stories about what happened, why assaults happened, and how knowledge of this aspect of the Holocaust is important today. 

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