She’s up for the challenge.

At Agnes Irwin, we teach girls to be fearless learners — to tackle the tough stuff, to risk failure, to rise to challenges — and come through ready for what's next.

Our innovative and rigorous curriculum is powered by girl-centered research and student-centered learning, allowing each student to discover her passions along the way. So whether she’s cataloging invertebrates as part of a stream study in Lower School, creating 3D models in our STEAM Studio in Middle School, or applying civil engineering skills to solve real-life traffic jams in Upper School, Agnes Irwin girls are learning the most important lesson of all: Girls can do anything!

Lower School (PreK-Grade 4)

We specialize in putting brains (and bodies) in motion. Our research-based curriculum balances challenging academics with wellness, helping girls thrive in daily math, language arts and Spanish classes, as well as in science, STEAM labs, art, music, and P.E.

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Middle School (Grades 5-8)

We know girls, and our girls are known. To empower them during the critical middle school years, we've developed an engaging and dynamic curriculum, created collaborative classrooms, and built robust wellness and athletics programs.

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Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Our curriculum empowers girls to explore their interests through tailored classes, independent research, and other ways to delve deep. We teach girls to recognize they can do whatever they set their minds to — and when they graduate, they're ready.

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Let's innovate.

Create, experiment, tinker, and engineer. Our Innovation Team (iTeam for short) was developed to further promote curiosity-sparking, innovative, and enthusiastic learning environments — integrating technology and design-thinking into our classrooms, STEAM Studio, and iWonder Lab.

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College Counseling

Preparing girls to lead and succeed is in our DNA. From PreK to senior year, we nurture the journey of self-discovery and empower girls to recognize that they can do anything they set their minds to. So when the time comes to head off to college, they’re prepared to succeed in whatever paths they choose. 

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attending one of America's "most competitive" colleges (Barron's)

said they would be attending one of their top college choices

Meet our Teachers

Engaged and experienced teachers are intellectual role models for our students. At Agnes Irwin, we empower our faculty to ignite curiosity and creativity — which produces a dynamic learning environment for our girls. Learn more

Sol Fernandez

Sol Fernandez

MS & US Spanish

"I love Upper School's Special Studies Program, in which students spend two weeks in internships, special mini-courses or educational trips domestically and abroad. Taking the girls to my hometown, Madrid, was very special — I couldn't believe I was walking the streets where I grew up with my students from AIS!"

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Melanie Slezak

Melanie Slezak

Kindergarten Teacher

"One thing I especially love is teaching writing. Watching the girls develop their skills, and seeing their ideas unfold, is gratifying and exciting. They truly grow to believe they are authors!" 

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Dr. Steve Grabania

Dr. Steve Grabania

US Chemistry & Computer Science

"In my computer science classes, a number of students have discovered that coding is a passion they hadn’t considered before. These students have gone on to major in CS in college. It makes me very happy to know that I was able to nurture this new dream." 

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Bridgette Will

Bridgette Ouimette

Director of Research & Strategic Partnerships
Center for the Advancement of Girls

"I love being intentional about how to best educate girls, and I’m proud that everything we do is rooted in research about what’s best for our students. Too often, education is based on what is best for the policy-makers or adults involved. Agnes Irwin is truly student-centered and seeks to find what is best for girls, and then makes it happen."

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Andrew Connally

Andrew Connally

MS & US History

"AIS is a place that you can be yourself and stretch and grow as a professional and as a student. It’s full of marvelous colleagues who are consummate professionals and learners and become great friends. Our students really care about the school, their studies and each other. What more could one ask?"

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