Meet Our Faculty

Our energized educators are intellectual role models, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.

The personal and professional pursuits of our faculty as lawyers, historians, actors, playwrights, engineers, artists, and members of the military provides a rich, diverse learning environment for students. Our teachers know every student, and help develop their potential so they're prepared for the next grade, the next division, the next chapter, and the next opportunity. 


Faculty Focus


hold J.D.s


earned a Doctorate


hold a master's


hold advanced degrees


average years at AIS


focus: educating girls

Faculty Features

Meet a few of our esteemed teachers.

Cathy Lynch

Dr. Steve Grabania

Bridgette Ouimette

Melanie Slezak

Faculty Directory

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June Stolnis

Development Data Analyst

Joanna Stott

Annual Fund Coordinator & Varsity Head Cross Country Coach

Maya Teredesai

MS English Teacher, Middle School

Anna Tobia

Third Grade Teacher

Berrie Torgan-Randall

Librarian, Lower School

Dolores Verdeur

US English Teacher, Upper School

Kimberly Walker

LS Director of Technology Integration and Innovation

Timothy Walsh

Chief Financial Officer

Sara Webb

US Librarian, Upper School

Lisa Webster

Director of the Upper School

Thomas Weissert

Director of Technology

Margaret Welsh

Director of Development

Rosann Westmeyer

Teacher, Upper School

Jennifer White

5th/6th Grade Dean of Students MS Science Teacher, Middle School

Corey Willingham

MS History, Seventh and Eighth Grade Dean