Meet Cathy Lynch

What do you like best about teaching Middle School?

That's easy! The students and my colleagues. The students are at a point of maturity where they are advancing emotionally and are energetically curious about the world in which they live. Personalities are approaching full development and it is exciting to see them blossom into young adults. My colleagues are so invested, so talented, so earnest in their pursuit of helping the girls at Agnes Irwin reach their full potential. Their dedication and selflessness is exemplary of their professionalism as educators.

What sparked your interest in history?

History has been something unconsciously instilled in me by my father, who was a history major and a Civil War scholar. I still remember those summer trips traveling from one Civil War battlefield to another...we saw a lot of cannons!

You've taught medieval history for decades. What keeps it interesting for you?

Each year, I teach a new group of girls with new personalities and new questions. The material is all new to them. While a lot of it is second nature to me, girls regularly ask questions that I've never been asked before. I learn something new every year, and I love it. They keep me young.

What is your favorite AIS tradition?

It's impossible to choose just one favorite: there are so many great traditions and memories I've experienced over my nearly 40 years here. I will say, though, that I really look forward to the overnight trips we take with students each year. Each grade in the Middle School has an overnight trip, and I learn so much more about my students in a non-school setting. Trips encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and their classmates in a way I wouldn't necessarily see in the classroom. Plus, in a new environment, opportunities for new friendships are created as common interests are discovered.

What do you view as your greatest challenge every day?

Striving for consistent professional excellence in and out of the classroom.

Cathy Lynch

Teaches: Middle School History 
Years at AIS: 39
Involvement at AIS: Mrs. Lynch is a familiar face to generations of Agnes Irwin students, through her coordination of our annual Medieval Night.
Fun Fact: Nearly every inch or Mrs. Lynch's iconic classroom is covered with posters, tapestries, and photos.

I think one of the reasons Medieval Night has remained such a constant of the AIS experience is the sense of community that is built throughout the process of bringing their studies to life, and performing it in front of family and friends.