Named Awards

As part of the tuition assistance program, there are three named awards for new students whose family demonstrates financial need and complete the required document (and recommendations, in some cases) by the stated deadline.

New applicants may be considered for:

  • The AIS Scholar Award (applicants to grades 6-9)
  • The Maguire Scholars Foundation Tuition Assistance Program (applicants to grade 9)
  • The J. Mahlon, Jr. Buck Family Scholar for the Arts Award (applicants to grades 9)
  • The Carter Mannion '81 Student-Athlete Award (applicants to grades 9-12)

Learn more about these awards and their application requirements below. 

All applicants who demonstrate financial need as reported by School and Student Services (SSS) and who meet the qualifying criteria outlined above will be considered for an award. If your daughter is selected for a designated award, you will be notified when you learn of your tuition assistance decision, no later than early February 2023.


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Request materials, ask a question, or get the ball rolling by emailing Natalie J. Brennan '05, Assistant Director of Admission & Tuition Assistance, or call her at 610-801-1205.
Amount of tuition assistance at Agnes Irwin 2021-22

Tuition Assistance

To qualify for one of Agnes Irwin's named tuition awards, families must complete an application, tuition assistance application, and the named award supplement by the December 11, 2021 deadline.