Agnes Irwin Tuition

Bright, motivated, and talented girls hail from diverse backgrounds, geographies, experiences, and resources — and Agnes Irwin is committed to making our educational opportunity accessible to girls who will thrive in our rigorous and dynamic program and make an impact on our world, regardless of their family’s ability to afford the full tuition.

Sometimes, families need a small amount of assistance to afford tuition, and other times, more significant assistance is required. Here are a few facts — by the numbers — that will help you understand that enrolling at Agnes Irwin may not be out of reach. 



Tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year

PreKindergarten - $20,700 4th Grade - $30,200
Kindergarten - $22,650 5th & 6th Grade - $35,000
1st Grade - $27,000 7th & 8th Grade - $35,000
2nd Grade - $28,500 9th & 10th Grade - $39,250
3rd Grade - $30,200 11th & 12th Grade - $39,750

Additional costs outside of tuition

We include most costs in the annual tuition, including field trips, class rings, yearbooks, and graduation dresses. Additional costs outside of tuition are outlined below.

We're here to help.

We recognize that providing an Agnes Irwin education is a significant and important investment in your daughter’s future. We're here to help families understand that enrolling AIS is possible for a wide range of household incomes.


Email Natalie Jones '05, Assistant Director of Admission & Tuition Assistance, or call her at 610-523-7988 to start the conversation and discover the possibilities.