Our girls are fluid in their self-expression. 

Dance at Agnes Irwin focuses on the artistic values and physical benefits of this art form. We explore ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, ethnic, and social dances — diving deep into their origins and techniques. Middle schoolers are introduced to the aesthetic elements of dance through movement classes, and our upper schoolers can take a class in choreography; allowing them to create their own works that are part of our annual Dance Motion recital.  

Middle School Dance

Students begin a focused study of dance in Middle School and can select dance as a way to fulfill their team credit requirement. From trimester to trimester, students begin a general survey of techniques and styles and have the opportunity to perform during peer assemblies.

Upper School Dance

Upper School Dance begins with the study of strength, flexibility, and technique — the foundation for all dance disciplines. As students advance through the years, so does the exploration of technique and skill. Students are guided through the creative process and the manipulation of the dance in its composition.

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