Our girls learn about life behind the lens.

Photography at Agnes Irwin is a comprehensive program that exposes upper schoolers to fundamental photographic techniques with opportunities to build their skills in advanced courses. At all levels, students learn the history of photography, experiment with some of the first photographic processes, and participate in field assignments. With emphasis on the aesthetics of photographic vision, students learn traditional dark room techniques as well as advanced digital photographic technology. Advanced courses allow our girls to build a cohesive and professional portfolio, submit to outside exhibitions, and participate in our Senior Arts Showcase. 

Upper School | Student Photography



Upper School | Project Spotlight: Fruit Drop

Photo II students spent several classes dropping fruit, both whole and cut pieces, into large containers of water. Each image was achieved using a fast shutter speed while the camera was mounted on a tripod. The lights in the room were turned off. They illuminated the fruit by using the flashlight on their phone (coming from both sides and the top.) Black paper was placed behind the vase or fish tank. Manual focus was used to ensure the fruit was in focus. Once the image was captured in the camera, students edited the images using Camera Raw and Photoshop.



It's not the camera, but who's behind the camera. 


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