Wellness and Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum promotes a healthy lifestyle and lifelong wellness through the development of each girl’s physical health, talents, interests, self-confidence, and relationships with others.

Lower School

Lower School students participate in physical education classes four days a week and wellness activities one day a week. PE provides the physical activity and skill-based instruction that growing bodies need.

Middle School

In Middle School, fifth and sixth graders develop personal fitness, teamwork and fundamental playing skills through competitive sports in PE classes. In grades 7 and 8, PE becomes an athletics period, with most students choosing to participate in one of 10 interscholastic sports. Wellness education occurs at all Middle School grades.

Upper School

Upper School students participate in seasonal sports as well as continue Wellness education through “Transitions” courses. These classes are tailored to each grade and involve discussions on issues ranging from stress management to preparing for life in college and beyond.