Center for the Advancement of Girls
Center for the Advancement of Girls
Center for the Advancement of Girls


What Does Advancing Girls Look Like?

We are Agnes Irwin's Superpower!

The Center for the Advancement of Girls creates opportunities that empower our community of learners to live their lives with intention, to cultivate their unique voice and to build confidence. The Center seeks to address three  essential questions:

What is best for girls?
What do girls need to thrive?
What does it mean to empower girls?

We ensure that every girl at Agnes Irwin is seen, valued and celebrated as she navigates the complexities and layers of her identity. By staying abreast of best practices in educating girls, the Center is the catalyst for creating the most responsive environment for every girl to become her best, most empowered self.

Because the future of the world depends on her.

Partnerships and Programs

We forge partnerships with colleges, universities, and nonprofits to expand our curricula and extend our educational experiences — allowing our students to apply what they have learned in innovative ways.

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Pedagogy and Curriculum

The Center embraces research-driven and student-centered pedagogies and brings them in the AIS classroom — creating a relevant and engaging learning experience for our students.

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Research Initiatives

We partner with leading academic researchers and advocates that study the trends, influences, and experiences that shape our girls' futures.

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Our Work

The Center aims to ensure that all girls Pre-K through 12th grade see themselves represented in our work by providing an array of narratives, experiences, and voices to inspire them. We translate information on girls into sustainable, innovative programs and forge generative, mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations, universities, fellow girls’ schools and nonprofits that address the unique needs and influences of girls in developmentally appropriate ways across all three divisions.  

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