Parenting Toward Purpose: Research and Practical Tips on Fostering Purpose in Girls

The Center for the Advancement of Girls welcomes Dr. Terese Lund and Dr. Angela DeSilva Mousseau for a presentation and interactive discussion that will engage participants in a dialogue about what it means to help girls cultivate their purpose.

Friday, October 2 | 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Purpose development yields positive physical, mental and emotional health benefits for girls. Back by popular demand from last year's Discovering Your Purpose Conference, Therese Lund, Ph.D. and Angela DeSilva Mousseau, Ph.D. will address the importance of purpose development in girls in this webinar. Following the formal presentation, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation around what is shared through an interactive discussion.

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About Therese Lund, Ph.D.

Dr. Terese J. Lund is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina. She is also Chair of the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the Coordinator of Undergraduate Research at Wingate University. Prior to joining Wingate University, she received her doctoral degree in Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology from Boston College in 2012. Her research interests center on child and adolescent development in diverse socioeconomic contexts, with a specific focus on parent-adolescent relationships, social-emotional problems, and positive youth development among adolescent girls. She teaches undergraduate courses such as Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and the Psychology of Women.

Dr. Lund received the Dissertation Fellowship from the Lynch School of Education from Boston College in 2011-2012. At Wingate University, she has received numerous awards, including Registered Student Organization Advisor of the Year (2015), Summer Research Grant (2015, 2016), Student Government Association Unsung Hero Award (2016), Outstanding Academic Advisor Award (2016), Board of Visitors Grant: Experiential Learning Pilot Program (2017), Undergraduate Research Mentor Award (2017), and the Spivey Instructorship Award (2018-2019).

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Lund is the co-primary investigator and creator of the leadership series empoWer, which is designed to improve the financial literacy, leadership self-efficacy, and career skills of female undergraduates and is funded through the Campus Action Project Grant by the American Association of University Women (2018, 2019).


About Angela DeSilva Mousseau, Ph.D.

Dr. Angela M. DeSilva Mousseau earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston College. As part of her training, she completed her pre-doctoral internship at Yale University School of Medicine and her post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University School of Medicine. Both of these training programs focused on children, adolescents, and young adults in hospital and school settings.

Dr. Mousseau is currently a licensed psychologist whose clinical work focuses on special education program consultation and evaluations and psychological evaluations for children and adolescents in the community and schools. Dr. Mousseau also specializes in Social Emotional Learning program implementation and integration in schools and across school districts.

Dr. Mousseau was granted a research award from the National Institute of Health as a post-doctoral fellow to study the impact of stress on adolescents and young adults. Dr. Mousseau’s research continues to focus on adolescents and young adults. It is grounded in Positive Youth Development with a specific focus on how sense of purpose develops. What are the factors (e.g., experiences and relationships) that facilitate the development of purpose in young people? Her research includes a collaboration across multiple universities—including Boston College and Winngate University—and utilizes a mixed-methods research approach to studying the development of purpose.

Most recently she is working to develop a new methodological approach to studying purpose that pairs semi-structured interviews with visual timelines. The protocol for this approach encourages young people to discuss and draw their journey with purpose. Dr. Mousseau has published several peer-reviewed journal articles and presented at national and international conferences.

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