AIS seeks to create sustainable partnerships that expand opportunities for our students in an area of their interest, forging a pathway of real-world learning. We currently partner with Villanova University, Bryn Mawr Film Institute, Cradles to Crayons, St. David's Church, Mansion at Rosemont, and Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Villanova University

Villanova University's School of Business co-hosts an annual business conference with our Economics class. Four professors share their expertise in Management, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Finance in a variety of business-related scenarios and simulations to provide students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills and receive feedback in real-time from these experts.

Bryn Mawr Film Institute

Bryn Mawr Film Institute's partnership affords students the opportunity to see films at BMFI which further their understanding of subject matter by bringing to life important texts and historical or current events.

Cradles to Crayons

Hosting multiple drives throughout the year, the AIS community provides C2C with the raw materials they need to run their non-profit and provide goods and services to families and children. AIS also travels to the C2C Giving factory multiple times per year with students from all three divisions for volunteer opportunities with students, families and staff.

Saint David's Church

Over 30 AIS students help run the annual St. David's Church each fall, aiding the organization with their main fundraiser of the year in many different capacities. In addition, we keep in contact with the church staff to provide periodic support throughout the year.

Mansion at Rosemont

We work closely with the staff at the nearby Mansion at Rosemont to provide students with opportunities to interact with residents via: choral singing, senior assembly presentations, casual conversations, painting lessons, organization, and entertainment via video creation.

Bryn Mawr Hospital

Bryn Mawr Hospital provides AIS students with shadowing an internship experiences in a number of fields: medicine, nursing, nursing administration, fashion, marketing. AIS students and staff volunteer at the hospital in order to help with the successful running of this large health care provider.

The early and consistent cultivation of a girl’s leadership identity manifests itself in the knowledge that she not only belongs at the table, but brings her full voice there, too. Through the work of the Center, Agnes Irwin is intentional about building leadership, and creates programming and partnerships through the lens of what is best for girls.

Alison Monzo, Director of Programs, Center for the Advancement of Girls