We forge partnerships with colleges, universities, and nonprofits, and create original programming, to extend the Agnes Irwin curricular experience — allowing our students to explore, grow, and lead in myriad ways.

University Partnerships

We seek to create sustainable partnerships that expand opportunities for our students in an area of their interest, enabling girls to pursue a pathway of real-world learning. Here are two that are underway, with more to come.

Villanova University

Several colleges and programs at Villanova are providing opportunities for Agnes Irwin students: the College of Engineering will mentor students in Grades 2, 6, and 12 in ongoing engineering projects; the School of Business will co-host a business conference with our Economics class; and the Charles Widger School of Law, CSE Institute will host a workshop as part of our Global Health and the Girl Child class.

Drexel University

We are partnering with Drexel's Section of the Society of Women Engineers to expose our students to college majors and careers in which women are traditionally underrepresented. The Society will come to our campus and host demonstrations and workshops on the vast opportunities and disciplines within the field, including chemical, biological, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

The early and consistent cultivation of a girl’s leadership identity manifests itself in the knowledge that she not only belongs at the table, but brings her full voice there, too. Through the work of the Center, Agnes Irwin is intentional about building leadership, and creates programming and partnerships through the lens of what is best for girls.

Alison Monzo, Director of Programs, Center for the Advancement of Girls