Center for the Advancement of Girls
Center for the Advancement of Girls
Center for the Advancement of Girls

Partnerships and Programs

We forge partnerships with colleges, universities, and nonprofits, and create original programming, to extend the Agnes Irwin curricular experience — allowing our students to explore, grow, and lead in myriad ways.

University Partnerships

We seek to create sustainable partnerships that expand opportunities for our students in an area of their interest, enabling girls to pursue a pathway of real-world learning. Here are two that are underway, with more to come.

Villanova University

Several colleges and programs at Villanova are providing opportunities for Agnes Irwin students: the College of Engineering will mentor students in Grades 2, 6, and 12 in ongoing engineering projects; the School of Business will co-host a business conference with our Economics class; and the Charles Widger School of Law, CSE Institute will host a workshop as part of our Global Health and the Girl Child class.

Drexel University

We are partnering with Drexel's Section of the Society of Women Engineers to expose our students to college majors and careers in which women are traditionally underrepresented. The Society will come to our campus and host demonstrations and workshops on the vast opportunities and disciplines within the field, including chemical, biological, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

The early and consistent cultivation of a girl’s leadership identity manifests itself in the knowledge that she not only belongs at the table, but brings her full voice there, too. Through the work of the Center, Agnes Irwin is intentional about building leadership, and creates programming and partnerships through the lens of what is best for girls.

Alison Monzo, Director of Programs, Center for the Advancement of Girls

Original Programming

The Center uses the latest girl-centered research to develop programming that addresses key findings. Here are a few programs that you will only find at Agnes Irwin.

Living Leadership in Lower School

Our Leadership Toolkit© is central to our Lower School curriculum. Developed in partnership with Bryn Mawr College's Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, the Leadership Toolkit brings abstract ideas about leadership to life for our youngest learners. 

AIS Allied

A cohort-style mentoring program provides an opportunity for Upper School students to explore careers, societal issues, and identity with adult mentors throughout the year. Our "allies," or adult women mentors, share their experiences and help guide students as they prepare to transition to higher learning.


Recognizing that 94% of C-Suite women participated in athletics, we are connecting our leadership programming to the student-athlete experience. Our AthLEADs program prepares student-athletes to lead on and off the field.
Read more about AthLEADs

Women's Leadership Journeys Speaker Series

Research tells us that the development of leadership identity comes in part from hearing about the vicarious experiences of role models who have navigated both challenging and victorious moments. We bring women leaders to campus to share their career journey and pathways to success.​​​​​​

Real Girls. Real Voices. Real Impact.

Our series of workshops for 5th and 6th grade girls focuses on leadership development and identity during the critical Middle School years. These interactive events are attuned to the young middle school girl and are embedded into our Middle School Parliament program. 

Advancing Girls in STEM

This annual think tank and conference brings together educators, leaders of nonprofits, government agencies, corporate executives, and advocates in STEM fields to discuss now to create a new ecosystem that will sustain STEM participation by girls and women. 

Student-Led Programming

The Council for the Advancement of Girls — our student-run organization that serves as a liaison between the Center and our student body — puts their leadership training into practice in our school and in the community.

Leading for Change Conference

This annual conference is designed by girls, for girls. Since 2013, The Council for the Advancement of Girls has created the original programming, initiated the fundraising and promotion, booked prominent speakers, and hosted its Leading for Change conference. Each year's conference, which is free to attend, explores different topics of interest for high schoolers and is open to girls in our surrounding area. More than 30 students work together on each conference, and 60% of our student body participates in the Council for the Advancement of Girls during their four years in Upper School.