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May 9, 2014
Lower School librarian, Michelle Burns is this week's guest-writer.

Dear Parents,

Summer vacation is fast approaching! It’s time to review your daughter’s summer reading list from the Lower School Library page. All lists are set up for entering PreK to entering 4th grade. You will notice the lists are set up to allow for the most flexibility for choice by author when choosing fiction.  Classic literature, biography, and nonfiction choices are also included in each section as read to me or read on their own depending on your daughter’s reading ability.  

Third and Fourth grade parents will notice a required reading selection.  Third grade is asked to read The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin.  Fourth grade is asked to read The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. Please visit the public library in your town to acquire the book for free.  If you are on vacation, you can create a library account wherever you are staying.  It’s wonderful to visit the local public libraries and discover new places to read.  Many have summer reading programs with a variety of special activities planned for the summer months.  

This year to help promote summer reading and public libraries,  I am asking you to get your daughter a public library card if she does not have one already.  When she has a card, send me a copy by email or paper or have her bring in the card.  Your daughter will then be entered into our summer reading public library card contest.  The winner will be announced at May Fair on May 30th.  

Why sign up at the public library when you can buy books you ask?  Did you know that through Access PA you have the ability to get: over 43 million books, audio materials, reference materials, movies, and much more?  That’s right! You can even check out Kindle or Nook books from the public library.  All types of libraries participate, including: public schools, private schools, public libraries, college & university libraries.  

Is your daughter looking for reading selections beyond the summer reading lists from school? Visiting the public library will put them in touch with a children’s librarian who can help her find a book that’s just right for her.

The girls just learned how to use BookFlix through the Power Library and they love it.  Many students have tried to use it from home and could not.  If you want to access this from home, you need your public library card.  All public library links are located on the Lower School Library page.  Get to your public library today! Give your daughter the power of reading in print, ebook, or online!  Happy summer reading!