News Post

May 30, 2014
Words of thanks and gratitude to parents for their unending support.

Dear Parents,

In this, the final newsletter of the year, I offer you my gratitude.

Thank you for your support of the faculty and staff of the Lower School. They work tirelessly to make sure that every experience your daughters have is, in the words of Dr. Seppala, in the best interest of the girls. They laugh with your girls, cry about your girls and never give up on your girls. I have never felt prouder to associate myself with a group of educators as I do with this group, and I know that they are wonderful in part because they know that we, parents and educators, are all on the same team. That is a rare trait these days in education. Thank you for your honest dialogue and willingness to work with us.

Thank you for the hours of volunteering and “showing up,” in whatever capacity you were able. From counting Box Tops to shelving library books to teaching a science class or serving as a class parent, your participation not only helped the Lower School, but also helped your daughter feel more connected and successful at school as well.

Thank you for the patience and understanding you showed as we wrestled with one of the most challenging winters in my career as an administrator, and thank you for the cups of coffee in car line, especially on those really cold days of January and February.

Finally, thank you for sharing and entrusting your children with us. Each of your daughters has brought joy and happiness to The Agnes Irwin School. My family and friends like to tease me because I often refer to your children as, “my girls.” But they really are my girls. They are like my own children, and they have all touched my life in one way or another. I look at every single one of them and am simply in awe of who they have grown to be over the course of this year. They have grown physically, socially, emotionally, and learned some as well. A few of you are leaving AIS for new adventures…traveling to other states, countries or schools. Remember that no matter where you go, your daughters will always be considered members of the Agnes Irwin community, and forever in my heart.

And so, the time has come. Make good memories, walk barefoot in the grass and climb mountains. Build sandcastles, READ and love each other. Take time to do nothing.

I’ll see you soon,