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Students Recognized for Artistic and Academic Achievements
Students Recognized for Artistic and Academic Achievements
As the end of the school year approaches, many students have received recognition for outstanding work both in and out of the classroom.

As the end of the school year approaches, many students have been recognized both in and out of the classroom for their academic and artistic achievements.

Sophomore Jada Ackley's ceramic self-portrait (right) was selected for inclusion in the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Teen Art Exhibition! This juried show was open to applicants aged 14 -19. The exhibition is on view during normal museum hours, now through June 20. Jada entered the piece, fired clay with copper and patina glaze finish, because she “felt it would be cool to play the opposite part,” she said. “You're always going to museums and being the viewer. It was a cool opportunity to be the person producing the art to be viewed."

In other art news, the AIS Costume Crew — Caroline Mosimann, Morgan Smith, Emma Griffiths and Maddie Kaller — recently won their second Cappie Award in the same number of years for their work on The Haverford School’s production of Spamalot

On May 17, RepCo hosted the Acting Without Boundaries Jr. annual performance for the seventh year. AWB is a musical and theatrical program for children with physical challenges, and this year performed “The Dot,” a story of a little girl’s journey of surprise and self-discovery. Leading the way for this were Meredith Rupp, Kendall Heward, Sophia Lindner, Sydney Cohn, Abby Rubin, Libby Niedland and Leigh Marshall, providing both on and offstage support.

Academic Recognitions

A number of Upper School students were honored for their outstanding achievements in math and language at an assembly on May 22. 

Students in each grade (see photo below) were recognized for their performance on the American Mathematics Competition exam, with top performance in each grade earned by Rachel Huang ’18, Vicki Liu ’17, Sophie Fisher ’16, and Alva Jiang ’15. Vicki Liu also attained the best overall score at AIS.

It was also a banner year for ancient language students, as 55 Latin students (below, left) and 10 Greek students (below, right) were recognized for their achievements on the national Latin and Greek exams. Five students — Madisen Bowen, Anna Flieder, Kaitlyn Lees, Kathrina Payton, and Annie Ulichney — earned a perfect score on the Latin exam, an honor earned by less than one percent of the 140,000 students taking the exam nationwide. Kerry Hanrahan, Ana Mashek, Charlotte Meltzer, and Rosie Sokoll also earned a perfect score on the Ancient Greek exam. 


Students in modern languages also performed well in their national exams. Seven students placed in the 95th percentile or higher in the 2015 National Spanish Examination, which is taken annually by over 160,000 students. 

Twelve students also qualified for La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, an organization recognizing outstanding Spanish students: Charlotte Buck, Amber Dai, Laura Dallara, Brianna Gallo, Amber Hall, Sabrina Kelly, Lucy Maguire, Mercy O’Malley, Lauren Schafrank, Katerina Smith, Lauren Spinelli, Lansing Zhang.

Eleven students placed in the 95th percentile or higher for the 2015 National French Examination, and eleven students also qualified for the Société  Honoraire de Français: Haley Brumberger, Brynn Buonocore, Heather Crosby, Priyanka Dinakar, Paige Frankel, Taylor Gavula, Dorothy Greenfield, Vaughn Hillman, Anna Marie Manning, Mercy O'Malley, Rachel Rudnicki. (Pictured below are all the students honored for French achievements.)