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The Agnes Irwin School will be closed on Friday, September 25 due to the visit of Pope Francis to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia School District will be closed on Wednesday, September 23, Thursday, September 24 and Friday September 25. Therefore, there will be no school district busing on these dates for AIS students residing in the Philadelphia School district. AIS students will need to make individual travel arrangements for Thursday, September 24. If you have any additional questions, please call Linda Jannelli at 610-525-8400. 

Lower Merion School District schools and offices will be closed on Friday, September 25 and will open 2 hours late on Monday, September 28. Students of The Agnes Irwin School who use Lower Merion transportation will need to make alternative arrangements for travel that day. We understand that different areas will be impacted by the papal visit in a variety of different ways so we ask that you communicate with us concerning any transportation issues you may have, so that we can account for attendance that day.