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Three Agnes Irwin Students Receive Awards in Theater, Creative Writing
Three Agnes Irwin Students Receive Awards in Theater, Creative Writing

Three Agnes Irwin students have been recognized for artistic achievement in two well-known area competitions, one in theater and two in creative writing.

Senior Sophia Lindner was named best solo dancer in the Greater Philadelphia Cappie Awards for her role in The Haverford School’s production of Guys and Dolls. The Cappies is a national program that recognizes the best individual and ensemble performances, costuming, stage design, critic reviews and a dozen other categories in high school theater production.

Agnes Irwin students received six nominations this school year, including senior Carolyn Shipe for creativity (video work) in the AIS Repertory Company’s original musical In Harmony; Emily Kulp for outstanding freshman critic; seniors Morgan Smith, Emma Griffiths and Caroline Mosimann along with the Costume Design Club for costumes in In Harmony and Guys and Dolls; and junior Catherine de Lacoste-Azizi for lead actress in a musical for her role in Guys and Dolls. 

“This year, AIS continued to be recognized as a force in the technical and design areas of theatre. The costume design team garnered their seventh and eighth Cappie nominations in the seven years that they have been creating costumes for both AIS and the Haverford School,” said Bill Esher, Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

“We also continued a tradition of being recognized for the strength of our Cappie critics' writing skills, and for the second time AIS received a Cappie nod for creativity for the creation and use of video and live-feed in a production.”

In other news, seventh grader Parker McQuaid and sophomore Lexi Short have been awarded prizes for creative writing in the Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition in their grade categories.  

In the poetry competition, Short was awarded third prize for her poem "Am I My Brother's Keeper?" while McQuaid received honorable mention for her poem "Only One.” See both poems below.

Jewish Federation's Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) began sponsoring the Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition and Exhibition in 1973. It is an opportunity for middle and high school students from public, parochial and private schools from throughout the region to respond to the lessons of the Holocaust and the related issues of ethnic, racial and religious intolerance through creative expression. 

Each year over 400 students from a wide range of backgrounds participate in this artistic competition that judges students in poetry, prose, painting, sculpture, music, dance and video.  This year’s winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony June 6.


Am I My Brother’s Keeper? — Third Prize, 9th-10th Grade Category
By Lexi Short ’18

If I am taken, tattooed and gassed,

If I am beaten in the street,

If my home is ever torn apart,

My brothers killed in front of me,


Will you stand up? Will you speak out?

Will you come and rescue me?

Or will you sit in silence, acting blind,

Pretending not to hear my screams?


And after it’s all over,

And I’m finally at peace,

Will you close my eyes and cross my arms,

Lift my body from the street?


So much pain and devastation.

We’ve been suffering for years.

They say that blood’s thicker than water,

But it’s not as thick as tears.


The hurricane has finally passed

There’s no howling anymore.

Through the broken windows, we see the sun

But now there’s knocking on my door.


What, am I your keeper?

Do I have to take care of you?

You may have it rough right now,

But I have suffered too.


They say do unto others

What you want done unto you.

But there is nothing you could do to me

Worse than what I have gone through.


So, am I my brother’s keeper

When he’s homeless and scared?

When he washes up onto my shores

But I have no room to spare?


Am I my brother’s keeper?

When his bones show through his skin?

If I turn a blind eye,

Can that really be a sin?


When one brother kills countless others,

When he takes complete control,

Can’t I still shake his hand and smile?

Still compete for the gold?


All this pain and devastation,

Of course you want to flee.

But no one was there to help

When it was happening to me.


So you need somebody’s help.

Come and join the queue.

But I am half a world away.

There is nothing I can do.


Only One — Honorable Mention, 7th-8th Grade Category
By Parker McQuaid '21

I run fast as lightning

Past the cold, blue bodies slumped against the hard earth

Bread under my arm

Screams and shouts behind me

I don’t look back

I want to run away from it all

Tanks and mean men

I want Mama and Papa back

I want things to go back to how they were before

With family and friends and food

With toy shops and books and beautiful dresses

With happiness

Now it is only grey

Everything is gone but me

The screams are louder, louder, louder

Suddenly there are more, cramped, crowded, crying

We are moving, flying

It is hot, burning, as if we are driving on the sun

A jolt

One by one, off the train