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The Class of 2013 Embraces "Not Unlucky" Moniker
The Class of 2013 Embraces "Not Unlucky" Moniker
Dubbed "not unlucky," the Class of 2013 received wise counsel from Rebecca Chopp, president of Swarthmore College, on intellectual freedom and letting their passions find them at The Agnes Irwin School's 144th Commencement Ceremony on June 6.

Many graduating classes from The Agnes Irwin School leave their mark with a memorable nickname, and this year's Class of 2013 was no different.

Georgia Fortunato ’13, who gave the student address, expressed her gratitude to the collectively dubbed “not unlucky” class at the school's 144th Commencement, recalling the highlights and tough breaks of their academic journey together.

"Because of your humbling intellect, every classroom conversation I got to be a part of was meaningful and thought-provoking. Because of your energizing enthusiasm, I was inspired to involve myself in running the Athletic Board, to join clubs and to play the cello in the Instrumental Ensemble. Because of your love, I love life and eagerly await the surprises it will bring," Fortunato said.

Rebecca Chopp, president of Swarthmore College, delivered the graduation speech and encouraged the 66 seniors to use the intellectual freedom that awaits them in college to discover their passion. "Relish what you have learned, relish what you have done and be incredibly proud of what you have become," said Chopp.

Parents, families, faculty and staff watched with pride as the senior class welcomed a new chapter of their lives. Clad in white dresses and carrying flowers in their class color, purple, the girls embraced each other, recalling humorous moments from Middle School days, skinned knees in Lower School and the perpetually challenging yet stimulating days in Upper School that led them to today’s culminating event at Goodhart Hall.

Earlier in the week, Class of 2017 (pictured below) reached a different milestone with its 8th grade graduation. Middle School Director Lynne Myavec said the rising freshmen were a talented group across the board in arts, athletics and academics. “The girls possess an enthusiasm that is contagious, and I know they will be significant contributors to our Upper School programs."

With equal enthusiasm, this year’s fourth graders participated in a rite of passage on May 31 with the Lower School Moving Up Day. Lower School Director Donna Lindner remarked on the girls’ positive attitude and flexibility facing some frustrating changes due to campus construction. In spite of not having some of the opportunities that previous classes have enjoyed – such as having a music room, spending recess in in the gym or marching outside for the annual Halloween Parade – the girls worked together as a team and grew as leaders, she said.

“You didn’t let those obstacles stop you from being the students you knew you could be,” Lindner told the rising fifth grade class. “There will always be things that come up in the future that don’t feel fair, but you are strong. You are kind. You are leaders!”