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13 Students Inducted Into Cum Laude Society
13 Students Inducted Into Cum Laude Society

Thirteen Agnes Irwin seniors were inducted into the school’s Cum Laude Society at a ceremony on Tuesday, April 11, representing students who have pursued the most rigorous coursework during their high school years.

The names of the new inductees were announced by Head of School Wendy L. Hill at an assembly for Upper School students and faculty Tuesday morning. Alumna Kristin Agatone ’99, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, addressed students at the assembly, congratulating the new inductees and the entire senior class on their achievements.

Kristin herself was inducted into the Cum Laude Society chapter at Agnes Irwin, and currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer at Lehigh University, responsible for overseeing the university's $1.4 billion endowment.

The Agnes Irwin School’s chapter of the Cum Laude Society, an association with 382 chapters in the United States, Canada, England, France, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Philippines, honors students who have achieved excellence in the most rigorous course of study. The society permits school chapters to select up to 20 percent of the graduating class on the basis of superior scholarship. The selection is done by computing the level of performance and rigor of program and is determined by those computations without awareness of the students’ identities. The names of those selected are kept anonymous until the induction ceremony.

Agnes Irwin’s 2017 inductees are: Sajdah Bey, Gabrielle D’Arcangelo, Catherine de Lacoste-Azizi, Gillian Diebold, Olivia Freiwald, Jordyn Hurly, Fenian Kenney, Julia McDowell, Sara Perkins, Sabina Smith, Laura Tobar, Sara Wada, and Joanna Wickersham.

Photo captions:

The Class of 2017's 13 Cum Laude Society inductees are (from left to right):
Back row: Gabrielle D’Arcangelo, Sabina Smith, Catherine de Lacoste-Azizi, Sara Wada, Sajdah Bey, Joanna Wickersham, Julia McDowell
Front row: Gillian Diebold, Sara Perkins, Jordyn Hurly,  Fenian Kenney, Laura Tobar, Olivia Freiwald

From left: Head of School Dr. Wendy Hill; Kristin Agatone ’99; History Department Chair and President of the Agnes Irwin Chapter of the Cum Laude Society Wigs Frank