Life Beyond The Classroom:
Clubs, Organizations, and Boards

Upper schoolers at Agnes Irwin explore their interests in more than 50 student-led clubs, boards, and organizations that focus on everything from wielding the gavel in student government to harmonizing in our a cappella group, the Bel Cantos. Don't see what you want? Make a pitch for a new club and take the lead. That's the mark of a true Agnes Irwin girl.


AIS Allied

This cohort-style mentoring program provides a safe space for girls in grades 9-12 to discuss school life, identity, career exploration, societal issues and pressures with "allies," or adult women mentors.


IMS (Independence Mission Schools) is an organization that has taken over the management of sixteen catholic schools in the most underprivileged neighborhoods in Philadelphia, serving 4,000 students. Our clubs mission is to support a relationship between AIS and the IMS schools through a pen pal program, running a coat drive, and other opportunities.

AIS Video Project

Create educational videos for the school's YouTube channel to enhance student understanding of various topics and subjects.

Akilah Club

The Akilah Institute in Rwanda was founded by Elizabeth Davis in 2010 for the purpose of educating girls in leadership and hospitality, the fastest growing industry in Rwanda. Many of these girls were deeply affected by the genocide in 1994, which left the country with even more need for educated women. The club forms pen pals with students at Akilah Institute, works on providing internships in Philadelphia for the students, and fundraises for this worthy cause.  

Anime Club

Learn and experience the wonderful world of anime and mangal. The club engages in fun discussions and debates, shares a reading list, develops presentations and games! Participants learn to draw, animate, and create origami — and of course, watch anime too!

Arts Club

Art Workshop is a club in which students are free to work on a project of their choice. It provides forty minutes per week with an opportunity for instruction in technique and the expression of personal creativity for those students not in an art class, and additional time for students in art classes to work on portfolio projects.

Athletes Helping Athletes

This club brings special needs kids from the surrounding area to Agnes Irwin and The Haverford School's sporting events.

Business Leadership

This club focuses on leadership and life skills through a female lens, including playing the Stock Market Game and investigating women guest speakers.  

Cinema Club

The Cinema club exposes students to groundbreaking films that have greatly affected the movie industry and our society. Students watch movies and discuss techniques used in creating films such as direction, score, screenplay, and observe other important aspects used in film.

Clay Workshop

Clay Workshop primary focus is creating vessels and functional pots on the potter's wheel. Students learn the three basic hand-building techniques: pinch pot, slab, and coil making. Commercial, food-safe under glazes are used and the clay is low-fire white earthenware. 

Colorful Minds Club

Colorful Minds was started to spread awareness for learning differences and cognitive diversity. Throughout the year, students conduct fundraisers and educate themselves and others on issues surrounding the disabled community and the importance of valuing this community.

Costumes Club

This club organizes, compiles, and creates costumes for the autumn musical and the spring play, as well as the Haverford play and musical. No sewing skills are required and members learn a lot along the way. This club is a great way to be creative, have fun, and be part of the theatre department! 

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club provides a place where students come together to express their thoughts and ideas through free writing. It’s the opportunity to stray from the strict structure of formal essays and become inspired to write whatever’s on your mind in a relaxed setting. A new prompt will be added to the board every meeting, and members have the entire period to write and share their work.

Cradles to Crayons/Service R Us Club

This club assists Cradles to Crayons throrugh clothing drives, decorating birthday cards, fund-raising, sorting donations, and more. Students have the opportunity to select additional charities/organizations/fundraisers to support throughout the year to help others in need.

Culinary Club

Students learn how to prepare snacks, watch cooking shows, and become food connoisseurs (in their own sense). Each week, members bring in or prepare new recipes to share.  

Current Events Club

Members of the Current Events Club examine issues of local, national, and international interest. Each week students read articles from a variety of sources that represent a diversity of perspectives. Members actively participate in wide-ranging discussions where they are encouraged to share their own particular point-of-view, even as they learn to respect the opinions of others with which they may not necessarily agree.

Dream Flags Club

This club supports the Dream Flag Project which originated at AIS and is now global. Participants assist with workshops, collaborate with global partners, and design the activities for the annual Dream Flag Project event at the National Constitution Center in the spring.

Equestrian Club

This club brings together girls in our community who share the passion for horseback riding. We discuss current competitions and aspects of horse ownership, with a focus on organizing a horse show to benefit Thorncroft Equestrian Center. Members also volunteer at the Devon Horse Show.


FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools) is a Christian organization that fosters faith-based discussions and fellowship in independent schools from New England to South Carolina. Weekly lunch meetings are held to discuss passages from the Bible and answer faith-related questions. Students of every religion are welcome.  

For the Culture

For the Culture expands the knowledge and understanding of different cultures — particularly the black culture —by watching movies, listening to music, and having in depth conversations about relevant topics.  

Girls Grant Making Club

The mission of the Girls Grant Making Club is to introduce, encourage, develop, and cultivate a philanthropic spirit in students and empower them to participate in serving the needs of others and as respected members of their own communities through their supervised administration of the Philanthropy and Community Service Fund. The girls in the GGM Club act as a foundation and allocate funds to the various non profits that come in to pitch their organization. GGM funds nonprofit organizations in Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Chester County focusing primarily on the needs of children, youth, and women.  

Greek Club

This club brings people together to share and understand the Greek-American community, including Greek culture, food, music, art, and history.

Inprov Club

Members will participate in Improv games and learn how to think on their feet. This club also incorporates public speaking.

Lawn Games Club

This club plays games during the club period to help alleviate the stress of the school day. Games may include: corn hole, can jam, bean bag toss, horse shoes, croquet, paddle ball, washer toss, ladder ball toss, flag football, wiffle ball, and floor hockey. 

Lower School Helpers

This group assists the Lower School teachers with the younger AIS students on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Model UN

Model UN Club offers an exciting opportunity for students to learn about the world, international relations and diplomacy, and how the United Nations works. The Club is open to all Upper School students, grades 9 through 12, who are interested in these topics and willing to work on researching and writing about them. In mid-January the Club will send several members to represent AIS as delegates at the Model UN conference at Columbia University in NYC.

NAYA Foundation

The Naya Foundation raises awareness and plans events to support the NoMoreKidsWith Cancer Foundation in honor of a former AIS student.


PALS is a mentoring program where girls are trained to be mentors and group facilitators. They offer friendship and support to Middle and Lower School girls who would most likely benefit from a special relationship with an Upper School student.

Psychology Club

In this club, students work to inform the community about psychological disorders and their portrayal in the media. The members use movies and television shows as examples, and have group discussions based around articles or stories of psychological disorders.  

Ravendell Book Club

The book club provides a fun, learning experience where students read, discuss, and enjoy literature in a friendly environment.

Robotics Club

Robotics Club designs and creates robots to compete in area competitions. 


The SEGA club will raise money and awareness for the SEGA Girls School in Tanzania and provide fundamental educational necessities. The club personally interacts with their students, the majority of whom are our age, through writing letters and Skype. 

Set Design Club

Members design, construct and decorate sets for the Upper School musical, and spring drama productions. The group will learn painting and decorating techniques, collaborate with stage crew when needed, and source or create props needed to launch each production.  


This club helps plan the annual SpeakUP event at AIS, which offers students a voice in difficult topics all teens face.

Speech and Debate Club

The Agnes Irwin Association of Speech and Debate aims to empower students with the tools of self expression by providing an accessible platform where students can improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills. It encourages members to wrestle with complex and controversial topics and respond with confidence, clarity, and empathy.  

Stage Crew

Members will learn how to construct and design sets, how to operate the lights and sound system of the West-Wike Theater, and to handle the backstage elements for the fall musical, winder drama, Middle School musical and Dance Motion.


STEM club is aimed at increasing girls’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math through discussions, interactive experiments and lectures. This club will also collaborate with the Lower and Middle schools to get younger students excited in STEM fields. 

Theatre Technology

AIS Tech Support, learn to use the technology in the West-Wike Theatre for events and assemblies.

Vegan Club

A discussion-based club about veganism and its place in today's society.

World Affairs Club

This club explores international affairs and US foreign policy issues. Activities may include watching a video on international issues, listening to a presidential speech, or researching, writing and sharing country profiles. This club is active with the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

Young Democrats Club

This club provides students with an opportunity to learn and voice their opinion about issues currently facing our country.

Young Republicans Club

This club provides students with an opportunity to learn and voice their opinions about issues currently facing our country. It also conducts community service and collaborates with The Haverford School's club.

Did you know?

Time to participate in clubs, boards, and organizations is built into the Upper School schedule. Girls are required to join at least two per year. Clubs usually take place before Upper School lunch, once or twice per seven-day cycle. 


Arts Board

The Arts Board is an organization of elected representatives from each grade in the Upper School who strive to support the Arts in the Agnes Irwin community.  

Athletic Association

The Athletic Association strives to promote the love of athletics through the modeling of good sportsmanship and leadership on and off the field.  

Environmental Board

The AIS Environmental Board is a group of passionate upper school activists aiming to improve our school's stewardship of the environment. Our goal is to educate and inspire teachers and students alike at AIS to become more active advocates for a healthier planet. 

Honor Board

The Honor Board works to promote honor and integrity throughout the school as a whole, and works to engage Upper School students in adherence to the Honor Code.

Multicultural Board

Participants celebrate, embrace, and raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion, beyond race and skin color, to our community and the world.  

Student Government

Student Government oversees our Board system, which is made up of boards that each represent our school's core values. Stud Gov, as it is known, is made up of elected class representatives from grades 9-12 and the senior Student Body President. 

Student Outreach Services

Student Outreach Services (SOS), oversees service in the Upper School. Comprised of 13 students, each elected by her peers, SOS leads and promotes community service throughout the year.


Asian Student Alliance

The Asian Student Alliance provides an open space for students of all races to learn about historical and contemporary issues Asians face through the expansion of cultural knowledge, and celebration of Asian heritage.  

Black Student Union

Members support and mentor each other by bringing greater awareness of the richness of the histories and cultures of African-Americans/Blacks to each other and our community.


Compass provides a safe place for students to meet, seek and provide support, discuss topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and work to achieve universal equality in the Agnes Irwin Community and beyond. 

Council for the Advancement of Girls

The Council for the Advancement of Girls is a student group that serves as a liaison between the Center for the Advancement of Girls and the student body. 

Jewish Student Union

A common environment for Jewish and non-Jewish  students to learn about jewish culture and politics, become active in service opportunities, and educate the school about Judaism. 

Repertory Company

The AIS Repertory Company (RepCo), is the student producing organization responsible for the annual presentation of the US Musical, the US Drama, the Dance Motion Concert, and other special performances 

SALT - Head Tour Guides

Head tour guides are empowered by the admission office to be the visible leadership of the tour guide program, and  organize, recruit, and remind the student tour guides to ensure that the day runs smoothly for each visitor. 



This club publishes our Spanish/French Magazine. Students have the opportunity to write creative pieces in Spanish or French, explore different genres (poetry, short stories, essays, news pieces, movie/book/art restaurant reviews, etc.), pursue cultural interests, and contribute their opinion on major national and international topics of interest.


The Impulse Club produces Agnes Irwin's Arts Magazine, a collection of student poetry, short stories, photography, and artwork.  


SKIRT is a fashion magazine that publishes one issue per season with articles and photography on fashion, beauty, politics, and other topics.

The Lamp

The Yearbook Committee is an amazing opportunity to contribute to the school. Members gather photos and information to input into the student designed book each year, working directly with Cooke Publishing Company. 

The Wick

The Wick is Agnes Irwin's school newspaper. Club members learn about all aspects of the newspaper’s production, including writing and editing articles, taking photographs, and formatting each issue.  

Being a member of the robotics team has been very meaningful to me. The little sister program is also very meaningful — I think it's so nice that the lower schoolers have someone to look up to.

Alex, Class of 2018