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CAG Blog: Powered by Optimism

"Powered by Optimism" captures my reflections of life in and around an all-girls' school and highlights the values of C.A.G.: leadership, global citizenship, wellness, and teaching and learning. Underscoring it all is a deeply ingrained sense of optimism that we are preparing a generation of boldly creative women who will help change the world. 


girl voice- 4.5.13

The long and steep slide toward the end of the school year has begun. It seems there are special events almost every night of the week, and the girls at my school are teeming with the promise of summer days.

Amidst the whirlwind of activity, I thought I would take stock this week. In conversations with our Upper School girls, and while wandering through our Lower School halls, I was struck by the strength of our girls’ voices.

Third graders have just recently finished a project called “Girl Power.” Girls were asked to make an “I” statement at the top of the page, followed by those things in which they strongly believe. In the hallways hang the proud results of their efforts. Let me let the girls’ voices do the talking:

I can’t:

• Be deterred from following my own path and picking my choice of what to do.

I am strong:

• Enough to follow my dreams.

I won’t:

• Be afraid to jump and touch the sky like never, ever before.

I have the power:

• To do anything I want because I am unstoppable.

• To do things that can change the world.

I will:

• Be invincible.

These are the words of eight-year-old and nine-year-old girls. Amazing and articulate. We, the adults entrusted with their care, owe them a world in which their dreams and beliefs thrive. We owe them the space to stumble and fall, pick themselves up and pursue their convictions with renewed motivation.

So hang on to your dreams, girls. Hurtle with joy toward summer and then each day remember how unstoppable and invincible you truly are. The adults will continue to work on setting the stage so all of your dreams can come true.

Posted by on Friday April, 5, 2013

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