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Here is a reality check: in a world in which opportunities for women have grown exponentially in the last few decades, women are still underrepresented in positions of leadership. They have made great strides, but women in this country (who outnumber men in achieving post-secondary degrees) are still earning less for equivalent positions and rise to the top of their fields in fewer numbers.

We realize that our work centers on girls, not women who aspire to serve on corporate boards. But our girls will become women soon enough – and we see it as our job to prepare them for a life of leading, however they choose to do that. The Center’s goal is to expand positive narratives and interactions into the world beyond – and impact the lives of many girls who deserve to grow into the leaders they want to be. The Center has set out to intentionally research what it means “to be a leader who is also a girl,” and has worked systematically to expand the underpinnings of our already strong belief that our girls – and indeed, girls everywhere – have the power to lead and make a positive impact on their worlds.



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